Eric McCormack, famed for his role as Will Truman on “Will & Grace,” weighs in on the debate about straight actors playing gay characters. Speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, McCormack acknowledges the complexity of the issue, noting that acting inherently involves portraying someone different from oneself. He argues against limiting roles based on an actor’s sexual orientation, emphasizing the importance of actors’ ability to embody diverse characters. McCormack’s perspective reflects his belief in the inclusivity of the acting profession and its capacity to transcend boundaries. He wittily adds that if gay actors were restricted from playing straight roles, Broadway would suffer the consequences. McCormack hopes that he represents the LGBTQ+ community well. He shared that his background in theater and close friendship with a gay man influenced his portrayal. He emphasized casting based on merit, believing the most talented actor should secure the role. In “Will & Grace,” McCormack and Sean Hayes portrayed the main gay characters. Hayes, who was not openly gay then, played Jack McFarland. Hayes earned seven Emmy nominations, winning once, while McCormack received four nominations, winning in 2001.