Tonight’s lead anchor, FayWhat. She is a legendary events host, Television and radio personality, and the host of The FayWhat Show on Mondays. Fay, Pride Fort Lauderdale is Bringing Unicorn Drag Bingo To Pride Center At Equality Park and it’s starring the divine TP Lords on April 11. Tell Me What’s Happening?Tp Lords & London Adour take over Bingo at The Pride Center April 11 starting at 530 Ny Bingo Gays – You know who you are. Or my closeted Bingo Gays – this is for you! Over 3 hours of Bingo with amazing Baskets full of Merch and Booze and a lot more. I won a $300 pasta maker the last time. There’s food, Bingo and performances by legendary TP Lords and London Adour – all for $25 Starts at 530 but you can drop in anytime after that to play.Unicorn Bingo at The Pride Center April 11 and it benefits Pride Fort Lauderdale.