According to The Trevor Project’s 2024 U.S. National Survey, recent political actions, such as bans on gender-affirming care for minors and laws permitting the misgendering, outing, or exclusion of queer students, have profoundly impacted LGBTQ+ youth. Approximately 90% of LGBTQ+ youth respondents reported negative effects on their well-being due to these policies. The safety of queer students in schools is particularly concerning, with nearly half of LGBTQ+ individuals aged 13-17 experiencing bullying in the past year. Alarmingly, those who endured bullying exhibited significantly higher rates of attempted suicide. A staggering 45% of transgender and nonbinary young individuals revealed that their families have contemplated relocating due to these laws. Overall, 39% of LGBTQ+ youth have seriously considered suicide in the past year, with even higher rates among transgender and nonbinary youth and queer youth of color. Again, this means 4 out of every 10 LGBTQ+ Youth in America have considered suicide. Despite such shocking statistics, half of LGBTQ+ youth seeking mental health care in the past year were unable to access it. In 2023, over 550 anti-LGBTQ+ bills surfaced in the U.S., with 80 enacted into law. This year, 487 such bills have been introduced, and 21 have passed. These measures often target LGBTQ+ students, aiming to censor curriculum or enforce outings, leading to discrimination within educational settings. The Trevor Project National Survey reveals we have a crisis among LGBTQ+ youth in America.