The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) recently announced the launch of a $15 million initiative, “We Show Up: Equality Wins,” aimed at mobilizing 75 million identified “equality voters” ahead of the November elections. This effort seeks to combat anti-trans attacks and secure significant victories for Democrats, including the re-election of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. HRC’s strategy includes field programs, events, and advertising in six key battleground states: Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Nevada. Studies show the number of equality voters has grown from 62 million in 2022 to 75 million in 2024. These voters represent a diverse coalition united by a commitment to LGBTQ+ equality. On the occasion of the recently launched initiative, HRC president Kelley Robinson stated, “LGBTQ+ voters and our allies are going to make the difference in the 2024 elections. With everything at stake, we have no other choice. Trump and his MAGA allies are promising a hate-filled agenda, but we refuse to go back.” HRC will also support LGBTQ+ congressional candidates in California, Texas, New York, and Delaware, with year-round staff in these states since 2017 and plans to expand for the upcoming election.