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Weekly Gossip from Mrs. Beasley


“Life is too short to not tell someone you love them if you do.” – Anon.

Birthdays     May 7th —-20th
Boardwalk’s Queen Annie – Tiny Tina – Fab Scout’s fabulous Howard Marr on the 16th Hot designer Michael Beamish – Bill’s drag diva/bartender Miss Kitty on the 14th – Eric Ayala – Jamie – Bill – Mattie – Attorney Anthony – Stunning socialite Joanne Rand – Cliff W. – Sandy B. – David – Dana – Randall Herman – Brian Diaz – Chris Myron – Alex Infiniti – Andre Baker – Mike Minnick – Eric Ashley – Douglas “L.P. “ – Brian Reaver – David L. – Bill – Mark – Rich Murphy – Thom – Devyn – Michael McDonnell – David T. – Shelly Novak – Jack Beggio – Cliff – Terry – John Buttboy – Javier – Daveeed – John M. – Anthony – Scott – Jeff Adler – Heinz – David Newson – Herb B. – Peter A. – Gary F. – Alina Lambiet – Torpedo’s General Manager Kevin Broady on the 14th – The Forge’s Al Malnik on the 17th – Christopher – Cheryl Finello – Wilma – Boardwalk’s Edie on the 14th – Michael Ronayne – Joe W. – Steve Halpern – Steve G. – Michael Kuil – Henri (Copa) – Charlie – Julio – Neil T. – J. C. – Matt Kingsley – Raul Gomez – Erik – Carlos Montoya – Pedro of Mona’s on the 19th.

Happy 3rd anniversary to owners and staff of Sidelines Sports Bar, where some of my best buddies from The Copa are now working. Best wishes to all!!!

We Hear:

That Jon Anthony of Bottoms & Tops proposed on one knee at Beefcake’s to Johnny’s Sean David with a $30,000 ring. These two handsome guys could have the wedding of the year if it happens (see photo)! Prior to Beefcake’s, Jon and Sean and two hunks were spotted at Jackhammer (it was a packed Sunday there) chatting up owners Chris and Russ.

That Auntie Mame’s wish has come true for her huge birthday gala to be hosted by Jackson and Mark at The Alibi on Monday, May 25th (Memorial Day). The fun starts at 9:45 SHARP! Expected are all the town’s top names to honor the old gal and icon of comedy drag, so save the date, please! This is one event not to be missed!

That Tiny Tina has announced the 30th “Miss Thing” contest will be held at Bill’s on Tuesday, June 9th with special entertainment by Head Judge Cathy Craig. Also on hand will be the wonderful Noreen Chern, Wanda Wednesday and a host of celebs and entertainers. Another to save the date for, please! This could be the wildest show of the year!
P. S. Happy birthday to Tiny Tina, who is still celebrating turning ??

That HBO is finally bringing us the hot new series “HUGE” in June!! Yes, my dears, it’s about a guy who’s overly hung and … well, see it for yourself!!

That the world famous Boardwalk continues The Parade of Porn Stars with adorable hunk Chris Rockway this Friday, Saturday and Sunday with two shows nightly plus free admission if you chow down at Vicky Bennett’s sizzling, hot celeb packed eatery Beefcake’s . This is also the Howard Marr of Fab Scout Birthday Weekend Celebration at Boardwalk. Another do not miss event all weekend long!!! And remember, Annie and Edie at the door are also celebrating their birthdays, so wish them a good one please! Thanks.

That Miss Tiffany Arieagus has never been better as she is at her Sunday shows at the famed Boom!! The place is loaded with hotties from all over and is hopping all night and Tiffany caps it all off with her energetic shows. Get there!!

That Ramrod’s Sunday Man-T is drawing some very famous names through the doors and if you cruise closely you will spot some stars in leather and Levis with arm bands (mostly on the right, but then you already knew that!!). So jump on in and pick a trick or two or three for takeout!!

That super hunk Chris is in from NY to visit a certain blockbuster guy, Tom W. Which of the Goldbergs will win a trip to his bed? We know who did last time around and it was a shocker, so hide between his sheets and find out as he may be three sheets to the wind anyway and won’t know or care who’s where in the bed!!!! Hmmmmmmmmm.

That guy in blue with the eight inch German sausage did very well topping a whole lot of Fleet Weeker’s and has some hot pics and videos to prove he did.

Listen, I have to call this a wrap but do wear the ribbed “speed bump” condoms for his (and your) pleasure – that’s what the ribbing is for guys! Play safe, please. Also, buzzed driving IS drunk driving! Beware!

Mrs. Beasley xo