“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”  – Unknown




“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”  – Unknown

beasley1Happy Birthday, Father Bill!


An Evening with the Stars, a birthday celebration honoring the beloved humanitarian Father Bill, founder of Poverello, will be on Friday, February 19th at the Italian American Civic Club at 2310 NE 7th Ave. in Wilton Manors, starting with a cash bar at 7 pm and the show at 8 pm. This will be a benefit for Poverello and tickets will be $ 45 in advance or $50 at the door. There will be hors d’oeuvres served. You may order tickets at or purchase at the Poverello office. This amazing man has done so much for our community and for those living with AIDS that it is only fitting that he be honored with this much deserved tribute. Father Bill is a very humble man and never seeks the limelight, so it is most important to please save the date and plan to attend and also purchase your tickets early as it will be a sell out affair!“Happy, happy birthday, Father Bill!”


Birthdays February 11- 17th


Hotspots’ Billy Masters on the 13th, Attorney Arthur Smith on the 17th, Florrie Bastiansen on the 12th, Miss Sandy Collins, Billie Lee, Jose Lambiet, Tommy, Shannon of the Cubbyhole on the 15th, Terry, Danny T., Ray C., Tory, Mike, Brad K., Delbert Swander, Priscilla, Paul Reker of KY, Terry, Todd, Larry Wald on the 13th, Dave, Tangie, David C., Tony Ramos, Pete B., Ken Moore, Gabi, Ryan C., Eric Infiniti, Sean Margulies, Corey Middleton, Bernadette, Joshua Randles, Jasper, Todd, Wilson, Gregg S., Bob F., Beautiful Angie of Boston and Ft Lauderdale, Pete B., Robbie, Dr. Nick of Chic Optique on the 13th & Mr. Bob Lama of Rhinebeck, NY on the 16th (yes, they read us there too).


beasley2Just Asking


Have you ever wondered if the dollar bills in your pocket have been in a stripper’s butt crack? If not, you’re wondering now!


Which pair of bartenders was getting it on in one’s SUV outside the other’s house while his bf slept inside? I say just rude!


Which very wealthy daddy dumped his flavor of the month for the trick’s brother?


Which formerly very visible business man is coming out of self imposed retirement to open a business that will resemble his prior one?


We Hear


beasley3That Hombre is coming to town. We hear it will be a taproom for men, located at 2500 W. Oakland Park Blvd. in the Los Arcos Center, said to opening very soon…


That Guido’s famous Sleazy Awards will be hosted by Toni Barone at her also famous Sea Monster. Save the date, Monday, March 8th, with related events being held on March 6th and 7th also and I believe the theme this year is “Slumber Party” or close to that. You should go to and cast your votes for your sleaziest favorites in numerous categories. My good buddy, The Rimmer Publisher Guido, sure knows how to put on a show and this year promises to top them all! Plan to attend all events as all are HOT!


That Big John of the Ramrod is currently sexually entertaining ex bf Rick from Harrisburg! Hmmm!


That the hot new employee of Beefcake’s with the mohawk is drawing huge numbers to view his exceptional talents and looks. Sorry, I have no name for this hunk as I have been away but he will be my first stop back and I will give you a full report!


beasley4That the Stable presents Raging Stallion’s super hot porn star Colin Steele, back by popular demand, on Saturday, February 13th. Yes, this Saturday guys, so head on over to this hot spot!


That a very popular (in and out of the sack, but more in) hunk has to stay away from Island City Gym for a week every time he hooks up with a bf who gives him a lasting spanking session with a Lexan paddle (which is the rage right now and a real stinger!) so his buddy’s won’t see the bruises on his awesome bubble butt!


The world famous Boardwalk is gearing up for their 25th anniversary throughout the entire month of March, promising to be a whopper full of events, including your spinning the wheel for gifts! The wheel will hold a various array of hot items! Much more is in store for this but I cannot give further details now, so stay tuned!


That three very sexy visiting Alpha Dawgs were taught a little, no a LOT, of naked, hard humility at the hands of three well known daddies they cruised. Well, as the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for! Shall we say, “Bottoms Up”?


beasley5That Russ Johannson of Jackhammer fame is bartending happy hour Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Atomic Boom and is packing them in for his excellent way of serving up your favorite drinks. See him soon!


That naked spanking sessions and much more are going on between a very popular bartender of Wilton Manors fame and his biggest tipper, a hot older gent with a firm hand and a large appendage who keeps him over his knees and then on his knees for hours, but the tip grows with each whack I’m told and have seen some very hot photos also! And both appear so proper and vanilla and it’s all on the qt, so shhh!

That a drag queen with more baggage than Greyhound is playing with a hottie dancer that is so much in demand for his talented tongue.


This is it for this time but please drive, drink and play safely, whether you bottom or top use double protection! Also has been updated and with the new “Mushrooms” link. Always totally free, so please visit soon!


Cheers Mrs. Beasley