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Adam Killian On The Future of Meeting Men


Atomicmen.com is not Manhunt, nor is it Gay.com. Its closest cousin is Facebook.  In fact, Atomicmen incorporates many of the same features found on Facebook, including “What are you doing?” and the option for members to post videos.  Where it differs from Facebook is in its rules.  Basically, there are none.  AtomicMen allows members to post full frontal nude images and video.  That’s why many gay men are now referring to it as “Naked Facebook”.

Adding to its sexually uninhibited reputation, Atomicmen recently introduced popular porn actor Adam Killian as its spokesperson.  We spoke to Killian about being the face of the new campaign and what it means to be an Atomic man.


Labor Day was last week.  Have you worked hard this summer, Adam?

The summer was amazing. I danced at several Pride events. I completed a new film called “Taken: To the Lowest Level.”  I even recorded a song called “Take Me” which opens the film.


Adam Killian sings?

Yes!  It’s available on iTunes.


How did you become the face of AtomicMen.com?

I was shooting with photographer Justin Monroe when my friend Marco Blaze came for a visit.  I thought it might be fun to do a couple shoot. It turned into an erotic photo session, and Justin asked if we would model for AtomicMen.com.  We both love the site so we agreed.


Do you hook-up online?

I have but it’s been a while.  I’m dating someone so I’m off the market.


What makes Atomicmen.com better than all the other hook-up sites out there right now?

AtomicMen.com is more than a hookup site. It is more like a central hub for hot guy networking. It incorporates all the popular applications gay men use like Twitter, Skype, and RSS feeds for blogs. They’re adding a new video feature this month.   It’ll be like the old days on X-Tube with guys uploading their amateur porn clips.  Oh, and I saved the best for last – it’s free.


Do you see mobile as the next frontier in online hook-ups?

Yes.  With the iPhone and similar phones, everything is at your fingertips.  I’m already using my phone more than my computer.


What is AtomicMen doing to compete against mobile sites like Grindr that have their own app on i-phones?

They have a mobile unit – AtomicMen.mobi.  You can check out profiles, send and read messages, and change your profile.  If you want the full experience, AtomicMen.com is also compatible with iPhones and Blackberry browsers.


How selective are you when adding friends on your AtomicMen page?

I add friends who are friends, whether new friends or old.


What must one do to become one of your friends?

(Laughs)  You just have to ask nicely.


What’s next for Adam Killian?

I’m filming movies for Channel 1 and Falcon in the next months, and I’ll be traveling a lot.  I have photo shoots lined up that I am excited for, and later this month, I’ll be shooting Atomicmen.com’s holiday campaign with Justin Monroe.  It’s going to blow Santa away!

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