Features 38 Ramrod
Features 38 Ramrod

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Ramrod Turns 15!


Believe it or not, the Ramrod will be celebrating their 15th anniversary this weekend with 3 days of parties filled with sexy men. When the Ramrod opened its doors 15 years ago it was the 2nd leather bar to open in Fort Lauderdale. When I moved to town, almost 13 years ago, there was at least 5 leather bars, and now Ramrod stands proud as the only bar of its kind in South Florida!  As a matter of fact, Ramrod is the oldest gay bar in Fort Lauderdale with the same owners, Zak Enterline, and Steve Whitney.  I must admit, it’s hard two nicer guys anywhere.  They also have 5 bartenders that have been there for more than 7 years, that speaks volumes about just how dedicated both staff and customers are to the Ramrod.


When asked what the secret of such a successful bar is, owner Zak said, “One of the secrets is the music and making sure it is good. Our DJs have a unique sound and their own following. Whenever Steve and I travel people tell us that it’s the music that sets us apart from other bars (I think the hot men also contribute to Ramrods success but that’s just me). The other secret is to constantly evolve. When we first opened, our bar was a hardcore leather bar, but we have changed with the times and now I consider Ramrod to be a man’s bar with a hint of leather.”


One of the accomplishments that Zak and Steve are most proud of is that Ramrod has sponsored 4 people that have been on the podium (top 3) for International Mr. Leather Contest in Chicago, and 2 of those 4 have won the prestigious title. No other bar in the world has been on the podium even twice.

For a year now they have been opening the dance floor twice a month, the first Saturday of the month (Pig Dance) and the 3rd Friday of the month (Mandance) to record crowds. Their clientele has asked them to open the dance floor every weekend but they don’t want to become a dance club. In addition, they want the dances to remain unique, so they are going to stick to twice a month giving their customers something to really look forward to.


The anniversary festivities start this weekend on Friday, September 18th, with the inaugural Muscle Bear Mandance with Chad (your host of Bearman Calendar, AtlasMen.com and BubbaClicks.com) giving away free passes to Golds Gym and the dance floor is open for all the muscle bears. On Saturday from 10 pm to midnight they feature Back to 1994, where all well and domestic will be the price they were in 1994 ($2.50). On Sunday they feature a balloon drop at midnight worth $1,000 in cash and prizes. In addition they will feature the annual anniversary pin and poster giveaways.


If you haven’t been to Ramrod lately, this weekend would be a great time to get reacquainted and discover why Ramrod remains one of the hottest bars in the state!