Nephew of the Week: Greg Duke

When not hard at work in the IT communication market, Greg can be found in GaYBOR. Always dressed to the “T”!  Quiet and a little shy Greg is one wonderful person.

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up! Interesting ‘Adult Business’ People

Salespeople in the adult novelty business can be quite interesting. We could talk about dozens of people but we have a couple of favorites. Back in the 1990s we had a young salesperson and her name was Mary Johnson.  She was in her early 30s, blonde, perfect, student-type, preppily dressed and very friendly. She always wore a blue dress with white nylons and a big white lace collar.

You would think she had just came from a midday church service. Then she would open up her briefcase and it was full of a wide assortment of adult toys. Then in a very calm, soft, charming voice, she would explain what everything was used for in detail! LOL LOL

Then there was the owner of a sexual lubrication company. He was a state attorney from up north and started his company here in Tampa. We had heard about the company and were excited to meet him. We were all attending the Daytona Beach LGBT Beach Fest in the mid-’90s.  One of the people in the company told us the owner was on the beach with his product line. We were cordially escorted to the beach. There he was with a bottle of his “going to be famous” lube in one hand and walking up to every hot guy squirting a dab into their hands. He was a go-getter promoter besides a great attorney.

That wasn’t the strangest part. It was a very windy day along the beachfront and his hairpiece was flipping up and down! You can imagine the beachgoers’ expressions.  We became very good friends over the years. Every time we would go for a ride in our Princess Priscilla convertible he would tie down his big floppy Florida hat first! LOL LOL

People Are Talking

Adam Zelasko, the star of the Broadway play Jersey Boys, was spotted at Bradley’s on 7th in Ybor City. Adam was out on the town with other cast members and friends from Tampa Bay. Adam couldn’t resist a photo with the “First Lady of Ybor City,” Miss Joey Brooks!

Is Tampa Ready To Have Its Own Gay PRIDE Event?

With the tremendous positive actions and success of St. Pete Pride, Sarasota Pride, Orlando Pride, North Pinellas Pride and the newly formed Manatee Pride, we are throwing this out to the Tampa Bay community…is Tampa ready to hold its own gay pride event?  Please send your comments, ideas and interests to us at

If you have any upcoming GLBT events, activities or club news that you want mentioned in “Dishing With Mark & Carrie,” please let us know by dropping us a line.

Help Tim Bryant Fight Cancer

Late last year Tim was diagnosed with cancer. In February 2014 he was able to finally obtain Obamacare that covered his pre-existing condition. He is currently being treated at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa Florida and is undergoing chemotherapy along with VERY PAINFUL radiation treatments. As a result he is unable to work.

This week he was denied disability to help cover the cost of his medications and care. His out dish_lastof pocket expenses cost thousands of dollars.  He is responding well to treatment but has had some setbacks and a long battle ahead of him. Tim is a strong, giving and wonderful person who has never asked for anything in his life.

We are asking friends, family and the local community to help. Please help Tim overcome this adversity and we wish that he’ll get better soon!

To help, visit