For years Miami has been buzzing about one of the hottest new concepts in interactive entertainment…HOUSE. Opening May16 in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District, owner Mark Lowe has created an innovative space that transforms daily. Lowe will be captivating guests with custom visuals, exclusive memberships and edgy concepts.

Lowe spoke to Hotspots Media about this amazing launch…

What a thrill to be witnessing one of the most anticipated club launch in Miami’s history!

I’m touching myself just thinking about it!!! In three seconds, I’ll wipe, and continue to answer (ha ha).

I understand that the concept of House is a living, changing, body of art in the form of a nightclub. How long has this concept been in development?

house_2This idea of HOUSE has been a 6-year vision for me. I think nightlife has changed dramatically in the past few years. The perception that immediate access to social media and technology has caused us to be more connected is a misconception. If anything we’re more disconnected. NOBODY talks on the phone anymore. Nobody stands face to face and looks at each other in the eye. We aren’t living the experience; we’re watching it through our camera phones. I think the closest and most enjoyable group experience is a house party. It’s a place where you are a welcome guest and anything can happen. HOUSE is the personification of that, EXCEPT, all the things you hide in the closet (no pun intended) are out in the open, for the world to see.

What kind of images and entertainers can guests expect to see?

All of the visuals in HOUSE were custom shot and created. This process took almost a year. It’s not about flashing lights or motion loops, like a standard nightclub. The images change and move as the night progresses. In the beginning it’s very elemental, with fire, water and natural imagery. That fades into hi-fashion, avant-garde images. It finally moves into much more provocative and sexual concepts. Some of it is light and some of its disturbingly dark, but art is meant to affect you, good and bad. If I’m being true to the vision and idea of a HOUSE party, you’ll never know who will be there, or what to expect. Of course there will be celebrities and DJs; they just won’t be announced. If Beyoncé is in HOUSE and you get a tweet after the fact, you should have RSVP’d.

Everyone is excited about the opening, how do you obtain a “house key” and what does that key mean for the guest?

You obtain a HOUSE key when you registered on the HOUSE website. For almost two years, I house_keyleft the registration up out of respect for the patience and loyalty of the people who stood by and believed in this project. I was VERY clear from day one that this would be limited. 20k keys were created and 20k are gone. That being said, thousands were kicked back because of moving or incorrect address, etc. We are still going through those and everyone who registered will get a key. The key gives you full access to your HOUSE. It has to be stated that HOUSE has affected me deeply and to the core. I have always been an incredibly driven and relentlessly perfectionistic person. I have given up everything for HOUSE. There is no blood left in my body and every piece of me is on each centimeter of these walls. The gay community expected, when I left Living Room, that HOUSE would be open quickly. I left Living Room because HOUSE was my vision for the world and that vision took time. Unfortunately, much more time than even I anticipated, but that time enabled it to become what it was supposed to be. The level of competitor harassment and targeting of this project has been beyond belief. But what disturbed me the most was the mean-spirited trashing of me publicly by segments of the gay community. I was called a liar, dead, a drug addict, a con man and EVERYTHING in between. I specifically and purposefully disappeared, to focus solely on HOUSE with zero distractions. To say it didn’t hurt would be a lie; to say I wasn’t affected would be bullshit. I am cold, but that ice will never fully melt. There is a vocal minority in our community who chooses to tear people down for their successes and crush people for their failures. It is a consistent and serious issue. Considering the world doesn’t necessarily have our backs, we should protect and care for each other. WE ARE ONE – AND WE ARE FAMILY. I intend to use everything in my power to present HOUSE as a global platform, to give artists of all forms a place to express themselves. The ultimate answer is…the people who deserve to be a part of HOUSE, are the people who supported HOUSE. I owe them all the loyalty.

Is the key membership exclusive, meaning will everyone who applies receive one?

Everyone who applied before the registration date will receive a key. Those who didn’t will have to break in or f*ck the HOUSE BITCH – HA HA!

On the website it mentions access to the inner sanctum, the shower and bedrooms. Are these private areas?

There’s NOTHING private in this HOUSE.

Do you have any celebrity bar staff or entertainers that add to alluring draw of House?

If I did, I couldn’t tell you. 😉

We know everyone wants inside the hottest nightclub in Miami, but what is the most tantalizing reason to discover House?

Ultimately, the true definition of a house party is a giant shit show. Somebody’s passed out in your bed or trying on your panties. It is my sole intent to create a HOUSE with no boundaries, rules or borders. I want to force you to connect with each other one way or another. I want to tie you up. I want to spank you, but most of all I want you to eat, breathe and live the moment. HOUSE is not about watching someone else (unless that’s what you’re into). You are the star of the show and the performance is literally happening on top of you.

Why will guests return?

house_1All HOUSE key holders must sign a waiver. Because HOUSE is an interactive space and you are a part of the HOUSE, if the maid gets angry and beats you with a HOUSE dildo, too bad. If you can’t handle the s#it show, don’t come back.

House has already generated a massive social media buzz! What will guests be saying, sharing, posting and tweeting about House?

F@CK, F*CK, WTF, Was that a dog licking peanut butter off his balls???!!! WTF, OMG, Are those ping pong balls really shooting out of there??? ETC 😉

Will they be awed, stimulated and inspired by the innovative, captivating artistic venue? Will the talented and stunning entertainers mesmerize them? Are there “House” drink specialties that are original and irresistible?

I am truly awed every time I walk through the doors of HOUSE. We are in the Arts District and HOUSE is a performance based art space. You won’t know if the people banging on the house_5kitchen counter are guests, part of HOUSE or both. All of the shots are unique, and everything is HOUSE based. There’s the one nightstand, the landing strip, the Mary Jayne Mojito (weed based and smokes). The Trophy Wife is interesting, first its $900.00, filled with the finest tequila on earth, Cristal champagne ice cubes and beluga caviar with 24kt gold on the rim. The mistress is half as much and half the headache (ha ha). The menu is also delicious, with sumptuous morsels like Grandpas Wrinkled Nutsack, Miami’s Uncut Surprise and our signature dessert, Herpes Pudding.

What do guests need to know before attending an event at House?

Bring lots of condoms and lube.

What are the operating hours and where can interested parties get the latest info on House?

Any info on HOUSE, you can find on the website at, our HOUSE app, or any of the HOUSE social media pages.  We are open from 11-5, Friday and Saturday to start, and then we add our additional nights of Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. In case you’re curious, the gay night is technically Saturday. But I don’t like labels, and God knows there are always women, men, lesbians, firemen, sheep, and of course, naked people EVERYWHERE. WELCOME HOME.

I signed up for my key, have you? Looking forward to becoming HOUSE-trained.key

For more info on HOUSE, visit:


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