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Out Singer Performs Live in South Florida

OutMusic Award winner Jason Walker mixes soul, disco and a generous dose of electro savvy in his explosive re-imagining of Taylor Dayne’s pop classic, “Tell It To My Heart.”  His impressive vocal range, set against the expertly fine-tuned production track by Bimbo Jones, redefines the ‘80s staple for the modern dance floor. It’s no wonder it just broke into the top ten on the Billboard dance chart.  Hear it for yourself when Jason Walker performs “Tell It To My Heart” live Saturday, August 9 at The Manor.

How would you compare your version of “Tell It To My Heart” with the original?

Honestly, there is no comparison.  I love what we did with it but make no mistake, no one could ever do it like Taylor!

How does yesterday’s Taylor (Dayne) compare with today’s Taylor (Swift)?

Taylor Dayne is a beast of a singer. Swift is a completely different animal.  I respect her for her songwriting abilities.  There is definitely something to be said for that! As far as vocalists, though, Ms. Dayne has her beat!

Growing up, listening to “Tell It To My Heart” on your walkman, did you imagine you would one day cover it?

Let’s get one thing straight, I didn’t listen to the song on no Walkman. I ain’t that old! It was a Discman.  Did I imagine it? No.  I knew I wanted to sing but I never planned on remaking this track.  The opportunity came through Bill Coleman at Peace Bisquit.  I jumped at the chance because I love the song so much. It was a happy surprise that landed in my lap.

You shot the music video in Miami.  Why?

jonny_walker_1 copyI love Miami!  The director, Patty Nieto, and I couldn’t think of a better way to showcase the song than in sunshine on Lincoln Road and Ocean Drive!

Jason Walker performs “Tell It To My Heart” Saturday, August 9 at The Manor.  Visit