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Nephew of the Week: Jarred Nicolaou

Original from Southeast Florida, Jarred now calls Tampa his home. A graduate of University of Florida, Jarred is currently working as a manager at Carne’s in Ybor City.
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You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

The Sunday Fun Day “Shazam” parties on Hamburger Mary’s balcony in GaYBOR are always way over the top! On a recent Sunday, there was quite the mix of people enjoying the day. On one end was our BFF Brian Chan from The Queen & I Restaurant in St. Petersburg with a gallery of people. Then there were several fun gay guys. Then there were three straight (?) couples who were bisexual swingers (Fetish Con was in town). At a table on the end, there were eight people who had just come from Sunday church. So it was a very fun mix of people all eating and drinking SHAZAMS!

Then in walks a straight crossdresser with his wife. Now I mean this with all due respect…I was not sure if this was a costume or for real. It turned out it was for real.

He was wearing a puffy blue tutu, tank top, super wild hair, heavy dark blue eye shadow and a ton of bangled jewelry. The impromptu walk-in couple were actually a really fun pair. They told me that they both drive 18-wheelers for a living. Then they tell me that they have their semi parked behind a building on 15th.

Everybody is on their second or third Shazam when a Florida afternoon rainstorm breaks out. The groups all squeeze together at the bar during the storm. After the storm is over, the trucker couple is arm in arm with one of the straight/bi swingers. They announce to the group they are leaving to go to the truck cab for fun…wink,wink.

OMG. About an hour later I was off work and I was walking to the parking garage. There, behind a building on 15th next to railroad tracks, was a large semi, parked. On the side of the truck it read, “QUEEN + Adam Lambert.”

OMG. Did this couple make the truck story up or was it for real? LOL LOL

Ybor City Visitor Information Center

When you are showing your friends GaYBOR/Ybor City, do not miss the Ybor City Visitor Information Center. It is located across the street from MC Film on 8th Ave and 16th Street. Here you will find a unique collection of Ybor City history, books, DVDs, and one-of-a-kind collectables.

While there, you may find a genuine cigar box, or Tampa’s largest cigar box. Hint: it contains Tampa beauties! There is also a very interesting free short film about Ybor City. You even get to sit on cigar chairs! Make this a must-stop the next time you’rehere.

Humane Society of Pinellas

The Humane Society of Pinellas’s Annual Awards Dinner will be held at Ruth Eckerd Hall on October 2. This year there is a competition between four local singers for the opportunity to entertain that night. We might be a little bit biased, but our vote goes to Judy B. Goode! We think she should win! If you agree, drop a note to

New Summer Fragrance Soaps at MC Film

The new beautifully-designed handmade glycerin soaps have arrived for late summer. New scents include ginger bear, rainbow sky, and lavender oatmeal. Choice bar soaps include Tahitian vanilla, eucalyptus moon and stained glass. Stop in for the handmade glycerin soap specials at MC Film on the corner of 8th Avenue and 15th Street in GaYBOR/Ybor City.