Saddle Up’ for wild rides on big men from Hot House Productions. Award-winning Hot House director Christian Owen wrangles a fresh cast of muscled ranch hands including Exclusives Derek Atlas, Ryan Rose and Brian Bonds, A-Team member Jimmy Durano and fan favorites Ricky Decker, Micah Brandt and Angelo.

This is the kind of farm where guys aren’t afraid to get down and dirty with each other to get the After-dark-3001_copy1job done. These studs produce six home-grown, satisfying scenes for fans to savor.

Brian Bonds kick-starts the action by showing off his oral talents to Ryan Rose. Angelo is outside watering the garden, but ends up using his hose on Ricky Decker. Micah Brandt is supposed to wash the tractor but gets sidetracked by Jimmy Durano and his big tool. Brian Bonds and Ricky Decker go inside the barn for some heavy oral release. Derek Atlas and Ricky Decker use all of their bulging muscles in an energetic barnyard rendezvous. Brian Bonds returns to get the ride of his life on top of Ryan. Watch these muscled hunks find release under the hot summer sun in ‘Saddle Up.’

“Shooting ‘Saddle Up’ on an actual farm in Northern California got the models in the zone for really intense and connected sex!” states director Christian Owen. “When you combine the outdoor setting with unforgettable moments like Ryan Rose unloading onto Brian Bonds’, or Derek Atlas pounding Ricky Decker, you get an experience that is satisfying over and over again.”

“With ‘Saddle Up,’ Christian Owen has somehow raised his already-high bar to make the best movie of his career to date—they just keep getting better and better!” exclaims Chris Ward, Falcon Studios Group President. “’Saddle Up’ is packed full of must-see scenes, including Jimmy Durano’s steamy session with Micah Brandt and the Falcon Studios Group debut of Exclusive Derek Atlas, and the visuals are infused with rugged, erotic Americana. This is gay adult video at its best.”


World largest producer of gay male erotica, Falcon Studios Group, debuts the biggest star-studded movie of the year, ‘America’s Finest.’ The major release was produced by the Monster Bang line and co-directed by Nick Foxx and Trenton Ducati, who makes his directorial debut on this feature. ‘America’s Finest’ is 100% Exclusive, A-Team sexual fireworks. This elite group of American superstar performers is filled with red-blooded studs who get down to do some of After-dark-3001_copy2the finest flip flopping and banging you’ve ever seen!

Directors Nick Foxx and Trenton Ducati are the commanders-in-chief of ten of the hottest men in all of the United States, pairing them up for five scenes of nonstop ab flexing, dirty talking, mouth stuffing and more. ‘America’s Finest’ delivers only the hottest men, a who’s who of gay adult video in never-before-seen pairings of Falcon Studios Group A-Team Exclusives. The cast of mega-star performers includes Brent Corrigan, Ryan Rose, Boomer Banks, Sean Zevran, Brian Bonds, Shawn Wolfe, Derek Atlas, Andrew Stark, David Benjamin and Johnny V.

Burning with lust, Andrew Stark shreds Brent Corrigan’s jeans to get at the rest of him. Ryan Rose and Sean Zevran flip in an incredible display of versatility and athleticism. Johnny V rides Derek Atlas until sweat drips through the air. Boomer Banks and Brian Bonds tangle with each other with an explosive ending. David Benjamin dominates Shawn Wolfe with dirty talk, and they get into the action! These men are ‘America’s Finest, ’the hottest men in the world, putting on a red, white and blue show that is sexually explosive!

“It was a privilege to be co-director of ‘America’s Finest.’ The name really fits the situation. The cast is insanely good, and the lead director, Nick Foxx, is a true artist. To witness anyone at the top of their game is inspiring and every scene in this movie is just that,” says co-director Trenton Ducati. “I can honestly say I was amazed and a little shocked at how much energy these stars put out. We couldn’t have asked for more, and I can’t thank the Falcon Studios Group team enough for this opportunity.  Please enjoy this masterpiece!”

“With ‘America’s Finest,’ we wanted to give fans the hottest American, A-Team Exclusives in action that would literally blow their socks off,” states Chris Ward, Falcon Studios Group President. “’America’s Finest’ puts together five scenes of undeniably outstanding gay male erotica, with never-before-seen pairings that fans have been waiting for. The Ryan scene with Sean Zevran is out of this world. Andrew Stark’s and Brent Corrigan is delicious. Boomer Banks’ and Brian Bonds is a must see. Shawn Wolfe and David Benjamin’s scene is extraordinary. And, Johnny V & Derek Atlas is a sight to behold. This is All-Amazing, All-American adult gay video at its finest.”


Falcon Studios Group’s Hot House Video, the San Francisco-based producer of high quality gay adult video, releases ‘Play Hard’ on DVD. Directed by Christian Owen, this gear-filled release features fit, athletic All-American guys getting it on in dirty, hardcore action. The star-filled cast includes Dylan Knight, Rylan Knox, Mike De Marko, Brock Avery, Dustin Tyler, Alexander Gustavo, and Owen Michaels.

If you wanna ‘Play Hard,’ you better gear up: pads, jockstraps, socks and cleats have these guys ready for the ultimate body-contact sport. Rylan Knox plays ball with Dylan Knight’s low hangers, building up to a huge release. Brock Avery steps up to the plate with a baseball bat forAfter-dark-3001_copy3 Mike De Marko’s. Dustin Tyler and Alexander Gustavo strap on some football pads and score a touchdown. Rylan Knox and Owen Michaels dig their cleats in for a rough and tumble. Keep your eyes on the balls, because these guys are ready to ‘Play Hard!’

“The guys really wanted to ‘Play Hard’ on set!” states director Christian Owen. “You can tell how much they get turned on by the sexy sports gear, and by each other. They go at it with 100% energy, and the end result is a home run.”

“I’m thrilled about the amazing action in this fast-paced, satisfying movie,” states Chris Ward, Falcon Studios Group President. “Our fans love guys in athletic gear, and Christian Owen really took the sex to a new level in ‘Play Hard.’ This is a film that will have fans pressing “play” again and again.”