In Week 10 of Season 7, the mini-challenge was “Rich B-tch Reality Realness”, using clear tape to simulate plastic, and they had to shoot an opening sequence for the “Fake Housewives of RuPaul’s Drag Race.” This was a very funny mini-challenge, and in the end, Violet won and got to pair up the teams for the maxi-challenge. It was called “Prance Queens” and it was a dancing challenge where the “Gurls” had to be half-man and half-woman. The guest judges this week were Rachel Harris and the beautiful Alyssa Milano (can’t wait for Mistresses to come back on TV), and in the end the “Gurls” were judged as teams. The team of Violet and Katya won and the team of Trixie and Ginger were the bottom two. In the end, Ginger was safe and it was Trixie who had to sashay away.

What did it feel like to be chosen to go back into the competition? RuPaul-WeeklyTrixieMattel_copy1

It was excellent and it felt very right. When I came home the first time, it didn’t feel right. This time I got an opportunity to prove myself. I wasn’t just chosen to go back in, I won the right. Also, I then got to do the reading challenge which was one of my goals on Drag Race. Pearl was incredibly amazing to work with and she created that hair and make-up for the return challenge.

Was there additional pressure the second time around?

I don’t think there was any additional pressure, but there was definitely pressure from the other girls as no one wanted me (or anyone else) to come back.

While you were back, it seemed like you toned your make-up down quite a bit. Was this a strategy?

One of the critiques I got when I was on the first time from the judges was that they had seen my Trixie face and they wanted to see something softer, so I gave them the softer look. They also commented that they wanted me to push the comedy more, which I did.

Last time I asked you who you wanted to win, you wouldn’t answer…has that changed? 

I was just joking with you last time, but the truth is from day one, if it wasn’t me, I would have picked Katya. However, now watching it, I feel like it’s anybody’s game.

Can you describe your total experience on Drag Race? 

Being on Drag Race was a gift and I have no regrets. I loved every second of it. 

I saw your interview on the Johnny McGovern show “Hey Queen.” Was that a fun experience? 

He is so fun and really, he is a drag queen. I was the first guest on season two, so they had a new set and it was a great experience.

I know you are traveling a lot. What do you have coming up? 

In two weeks, Katya and I are going to Australia for a tour and in June I am working Prides all over the U.S. Check the exact locations on my website. Also, I have lots more merchandise on my website.

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