After operating a successful dermatology and skin care practice for the past ten years in North Miami Beach, Dr. Tory Sullivan opened a second practice, located on 2500 N. Federal Highway, TYH-3025_Tory-Sullivan_copy1Suite 301, in Fort Lauderdale last year. He splits his time between two thriving practices, but one thing he always prides himself on is making sure he has more than adequate time to get to know and properly treat every patient.

Dr. Sullivan earned his medical degree at the Vanderbilt University Medical School, completing his residency with the University of Miami at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Although the residency at Jackson is one of the most selective in the country, Dr. Sullivan was not only chosen to participate, but he excelled on his rounds. His expertise in treating the hair, skin and nails shows when you hear all the great compliments he has received for treating satisfied patients.

I spoke with the growing practice’s office manager, Richard Dyson, about Dr. Sullivan and his work in this exclusive Hotspots interview.

What kinds of procedures and services does Dr. Sullivan offer, and which ones do you feel his practice excels in?

TYH-3025_Tory-Sullivan_copy3His primary focus is generalized dermatology — hair, skin and nails. He treats acne, psoriasis, and hair loss…he actually has a few medical studies going on with patients dealing with acne and psoriasis. Then he also does cosmetic dermatology: we have all the fillers available such as Botox, Radiesse, and others. He also treats a lot of HIV patients. Many of them deal with depression as they undergo lipodystrophy — the loss of certain facial features and shape. The doctor uses fillers to treat lipodystrophy in those patients.

What is it about Dr. Sullivan’s practice that sets it apart from similar ones in South Florida?

Dr. Sullivan is very popular because he’s a people person. He spends a lot of time with the patient. He’s also one of the smartest doctors I know. The few times he may not know how to treat a condition, he will do research and try to learn everything he can to treat a patient the way they need to be treated. If he can’t treat a patient for whatever reason, he will go to the University of Miami and find the right doctor for the patient. He’s compassionate; if patients have problems affording their medications, he works with different groups and organizations to lower their overall price.TYH-3025_Tory-Sullivan_copy4

Do you accept insurance?

Oh, yes, we accept nearly every kind of major insurance, and we even accept some Medicaid insurances. We don’t accept straight Medicaid but when we do accept insurance, the doctor makes sure patients pay an amount that is affordable to them.

When you have a patient who comes in, what are some of their biggest fears, and how does Dr. Sullivan work to assuage those fears?

I think a lot of people who come in feel a stigma against them when they go in public dealing with acne or psoriasis. We try to make them feel as comfortable as possible and the doctor talks with them so they are completely in the know when it comes to how he will treat the skin issue. Dr. Sullivan has even gone as far as to seek out counselors for people who are particularly impacted by depression.

What kinds of compliments have you heard satisfied customers give Dr. Sullivan with regard to his work?

I’ve heard quite a few. Dr. Sullivan sees a lot of acne patients, and people with severe cases of acne can be afraid to socialize with others. Dr. Sullivan treats them from beginning to end, with the final result being that they have their skin cleared up, and then he goes one step further to treat the scarring. Everyone loves having their confidence back and it’s nice to see the transformations in people’s attitudes once they have been treated.

How easy is it for someone to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sullivan or someone in the office?TYH-3025_Tory-Sullivan_copy5

Things can get busy in the Fort Lauderdale practice considering he is there three days a week, but if there is an emergency, where a patient absolutely must see Dr. Sullivan, all they have to do is call the office line and we are happy to book them, so they absolutely do get seen.

Dr. Sullivan sees patients in the Fort Lauderdale office on Mondays (8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.), Wednesdays (1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.) and Fridays (1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.). Other times during the week, he can be seen in the North Miami Beach practice, which is located at 16100 NE 16th Ave., Suite A. To request a consultation at the Fort Lauderdale practice, call (954) 533-1520. For more information, visit