Get Some Books Now and Preview Some Upcoming Titles

The Bruno Gmünder publishing house, based in Germany, is a world leader in gay media and publishing. Based in Berlin, the books published by Bruno Gmünder are sold worldwide and brought the company $10 million in sales last year alone. Their books range from fiction to lifestyle guides to art picture books.

A little while back, I let you know about two recent Bruno Gmünder releases, Play With Me!, a how-to guide about sexual role-playing, and The Satyr of Capri, a historical fiction offering that is part of the Boys of Imperial Rome series. Here I’ve picked seven new offerings for your consideration: five that you can purchase right away and two that will be released this autumn. You can buy any of these books at, or

BrunoGmunder_deadlycircusofdesireDeadly Circus of Desire

This is another historical fiction novel in the Boys of Imperial Rome series. Written by Zack, a Swiss-German author now residing in the UK, this book focuses on the Circus Maximus and the gladiator games that were held in the second century A.D. With the Circus as the backdrop, Tullius Rufo, a street ruffian, and Quintus Alba, an educated, wealthy young man, cross paths unexpectedly. Their unlikely friendship leads to sexual desire…will their budding love survive? ($19.99)



BrunoGmunder_kinkygaysexKinky Gay Sex: A Game Plan

Written by Kit Christopher, this book is an introduction to everything kinky that one may encounter in the bedroom (and sometimes in other places!). This book outlines everything from spanking to group sex, dirty talk to sex toys. Whether you’re interested in broadening your horizons alone or with your partner, this book will tell you in great detail how you can do just that — read every chapter and try something new each week, and soon you’ll find something kinky you’ll love. ($39.99)


BrunoGmunder_seductionaleccaldwellThe Seduction of Alec Caldwell

Erotic fiction writer Casey K. Cox, from the West of England, has a penchant for setting her stories in all-English environments that are familiar to her. This book is the second in the Alec Caldwell series (the first being The Rise of Alec Caldwell). Alec Caldwell is an investment manager by day and a sex toy for his clients by night. His introduction into the Order of Gentlemen opens so many doors for him, but causes tension for his boss and master. Pulled in two directions, Alec must decide what his next move will be. ($19.99)


BrunoGmunder_gaymasutraGayma Sutra: The Complete Guide to Sex Positions

You may know Axel Neustädter’s work from previous Bruno Gmünder titles such as the Loverboys gay erotica series. In this book, complete with illustrations, Axel gives readers many tips to spice up their sex lives. The idea for this book came about by his own self-discovery. What feels good to him may feel good to others, he reasoned. He answers questions such as how to have the longest and most intense sexual encounters, what positions are best for masturbation, and how two bottoms can have amazing sex with one another. ($19.99)


BrunoGmunder_howtobehappyhealthyandhotHow to Be Happy, Healthy…and Hot! The Ultimate Gay Lifestyle Guide

Sven Rebel used to be a high-profile German television producer before he decided to venture into writing. His most recent offering is a lifestyle guide for today’s gay man. He offers his tips for grooming, flirting, exercise and diet, how to make the best cocktails, how to behave on a first date, how to get rid of a tired trick the next morning, and even how to keep house — the chic, hip, gay way. This is a book you must read if you want to be as up to date as tomorrow! ($24.99)




BrunoGmunder_mulhollandmeatMulholland Meat

This book won’t be available in English until October, but in the meantime let me tell you all about it. It’s the second in the “Gay Pulp” series. On a star-studded night in 1953, the newest Hollywood feature premieres at the Chinese Theater. Across town, private eye Rick Barker is attempting to solve a grisly murder. Young and hungry teenager Zeke, hoping to make it big in the City of Angels, weaves the two seemingly-unrelated stories together in a web of sex and intrigue. ($16.99)


Beards, An Unshaven History

Irish publicist and opera journalist Kevin Clarke got into writing about gay life eight years ago, focusing on operettas and the gays who love them. In this offering, he studies beards from a gay perspective. Popular in the 1970s and again today, Clarke studies the relation between both fads and what gay men really think about beards (on themselves as well as on others). There are also dozens of full-color pictures of beautiful men sporting bushy beards. ($39.99)

Bruno Gmünder releases over 150 titles per year, many of which are translated from German into English. To find more titles, visit