Two Nights of Festivities, August 28 and 29

Hotspots Exclusive Interview

Georgie’s Alibi St. Petersburg (3100 3rd Ave. N.) has been a popular venue in the Tampa Baygeorgieslogo_stPete LGBT nightlife scene for a number of years…almost 15, in fact! In just a few short days, the staff of Georgie’s will be welcoming crowds to help them celebrate their 15th anniversary in business. Few bars and clubs in the Tampa Bay area, LGBT or “straight”, have been open for as long as Georgie’s has, and the staff wants to thank all of their loyal customers for supporting them throughout these past 15 years, and they wish to welcome them for 15 more (at the very least!).

There will be two special days of fun at Georgie’s in honor of the club’s 15th anniversary. The first is Friday, August 28: start your happy hour off at 4 p.m. with your favorite requests and fun music videos, played by DJ Danny Morris. Stay for the big party this evening, featuring a drag show hosted by fan favorite show director Kori Stevens. Her friends Chanel Cartier and Jocelyn Summers will join her for a special 15th anniversary drag show. Be sure to crowd around the dance floor at 10 p.m. for a fabulous show, followed by an evening of dancing.

The second night of celebrations will be held on Saturday, August 29. This is Georgie’s “customer appreciation party. “We want to make sure that everyone knows this night is for the customers; it’s going to be a big party and it’s all about them,” Georgie’s Alibi St. Petersburg manager David Baptista told Hotspots.

On Saturday, there will be a special customer appreciation promotion from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m.; we can’t reveal very much about it but we definitely recommend that you be there! Then, from 11 p.m. to midnight, for every drink you buy at the bar, you will receive a raffle ticket. The more tickets you receive, the better odds you have of winning a special customer appreciation gift: a $100 gift card to Georgie’s Alibi St. Petersburg and a “bartender’s favorite” gift basket! There will also be sexy male dancers mingling with the crowd all night long. Get your dollars ready!

Alibi-15_DavidBaptistaI spoke with David Baptista about the anniversary and why people love the club in this exclusive Hotspots interview.

How excited is everyone at Georgie’s Alibi St. Petersburg to be celebrating fifteen years in business?

We’re very flattered. To be able to say we’ve made it fifteen years in business, we can’t be any more excited.

Your new DJ will be providing the music on Saturday night, and it’s a name we all know. Tell us about him.

Yes, it’s Bruce Devery, who many of us know already from his DJ nights at Quench Lounge and GBar. This is his first time coming into the Georgie’s Alibi family. He’s video-based and I enjoyed his entire set this past Saturday. It was nice to hear all of it.

Then of course there is Danny Morris, who you’ll see on Friday during the anniversary weekend. He has a big fan base and everyone loves him, especially during happy hour. He’s a Billboard Magazine reporting DJ, and so is Bruce, and it’s not every day that you see two Billboard reporting DJs in one bar. We’re definitely very blessed.

What were some of the most exciting moments for you all at Georgie’s Alibi St. Petersburg this past year?

Alibi-15_copy1Well, there was Pride, of course. That was amazing. Everything went off without a hitch and it was great to be able to welcome so many people to the club for such a momentous Pride. Then of course there’s our charity work. In the past year, the number of charity events that we’ve participated in has tripled. Our White Party is coming up on Labor Day Weekend and we’re partnering with TransAction Florida for the event. Considering we lost three transgender youth in St. Petersburg recently, not to mention the number of transgender people we’ve lost nationwide this year, we at Georgie’s felt it was very important to extend a helping hand.

Out of all the performers that have graced the dance floor at Georgie’s, who would you love to see perform who hasn’t yet?

Oh wow. Who hasn’t yet? Hmm…I’d love toAlibi-15_copy2 have Janet Jackson come in and promote her new album! That’s a personal dream of mine! [laughs] We’ve been so blessed with so many great performers, so it’s hard to pick out one person who hasn’t been here yet, and the ones we have welcomed, we’ve loved.

I definitely think show director Kori Stevens deserves credit for all the great entertainment we see each week.

Yes! I love Kori. I would be lost without her! Words can’t express how great I think she is. Also, how many performers have such a wide appeal that not only do her fans tweet out a hashtag dedicated to her (#iknowkoristevens), but actually make T-shirts with her likeness on them? Now that’s love!

Georgie’s Alibi St. Petersburg is open seven days a week, from 4 p.m. on weekdays and from noon on weekends. For more information, visit them online at or visit their Facebook at