Pascoe and Company Gallery to Feature Ardmore South African Ceramic Art and More 

Ed Pascoe, the leading authority, dealer and appraiser of fine ceramic art, antiques and Pascoe_logocollectibles, announced the Grand Opening of the new Pascoe & Company Gallery. A special two-day celebration will be held on Friday, November 20 and Saturday, November 21 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The latest addition to the trendy antique row of North Miami, the Pascoe and Company Gallery is located at 891 N.E. 125 Street in North Miami.

On display and for sale, will be an array of fine pottery and porcelain antiques and contemporary designs from Royal Doulton, Moorcroft and Ardmore South African ceramic art. The new Pascoe and Company Gallery will offer the largest selection of Ardmore in the country. The increasingly popular Ardmore collection is created by South African Artists who embrace the spirit of “Ubuntu – We are because of others.” Ardmore has long championed the cause of AIDS awareness among artists.

PascoeGallery_vacesThe Ardmore Collection of ceramic art from South Africa has become sought-after and increasingly collectable. Ardmore is the brainchild of artist Fée Halsted, who has created artists from the rural community. Since 1985, she has trained local people to throw, model or paint ceramics, and encouraged them to evolve their own personal style.  From humble beginnings on a farm in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Ardmore has grown into a vibrant studio employing around 50 sculptors and painters, creating entirely original and unique works of art.

Leopards leaping from a luxuriant jungle vase and Zulus riding towering giraffes on safari – these are just some of the highlights from the opening exhibition of Ardmore. The South African ceramic artists have become renowned for their exuberant use of color and their distinctive modeling of African flora and fauna. Elephants, zebras, hyenas and monkeys burst with life from flamboyant flowers and foliage to form quirky vases, bowls, tureens and trays.

The Ardmore artists have focused also on different styles of figurative sculpture including African travelers riding on exotic animals and story-telling figures inspired by Zulu culture. Some of the sculptural imagery is drawn from the deep affliction of the AIDS pandemic, which has affected the lives of the Ardmore community.  The sale of these unique pieces of ceramic art uplifts and supports the Ardmore community and their families.

Pascoe and Company was founded in 1971 by Ed Pascoe, the world’s most experienced dealer in Royal Doulton pottery and porcelain. Pascoe has partnered with Louise Irvine, a leading international authority on Royal Doulton antiques who has published more than twenty reference books for collectors. Irvine will present a lecture program about the launch exhibitions during the opening weekend.

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