Rus Final 4

As we are getting ready for the finale on Friday, June 23 and find out who RuPaul crowns the winner of Season 9 and America’s next Drag Superstar, I decided to reach out to the four finalists and ask them why they thought they should be America’s next Drag Superstar!


“Drag needs to go in a new direction. The Trans movement has never been more relevant than it is now and I want to be a part of a historic moment. I think winning the title of ‘America’s Next drag Superstar’ as a Trans Queen would be just that.”


“America’s Next Drag superstar needs to be someone who will evolve along with the art of drag, who’s open to new ideas and wants to evolve and change quickly. That’s been my focus from the beginning. Even if I don’t win the crown, I guarantee that I’ll be the one turning out the most surprising new types of drag performance and drag looks! But I’m also committed to curating and representing drag for others. I publish an art magazine about drag (“Velour: The Drag Magazine”) and produce a stage-show called “Nightgowns,” which features some of the best drag I know (especially non-Drag Race drag), with a focus on trans performers, POC drag artists, drag kings and even AFAB queens! No matter the outcome of “Drag Race,” I plan to leave my mark on the history of drag!


“In this competition, I have really had the ability to handle whatever the judges throw at me. Being talented is one thing, but applying those talents shows the true making of a superstar and I believe I did just that.”


“Because I deserve to win! I have C.U.N.T. I feel that I was the most versatile from the girls. I am the hardest worker and I would do the best at representing the brand of Americas Next Drag Superstar.”