Ramrod presents their monthly Pig Dance on September 3.

Fort Lauderdale Pig Week launches marketing campaign to new demographic, this newly named genre of gay men are called a Pigs.  To some the term Pig may have been met with judgement in the past, but it has been embraced by the sub-sect of men that adhere to its principals.  In the 3 years that Fort Lauderdale Pig Week has been operating, Pig events have popped up all over the globe.  This not only validates the need for this genre of event, but empowers it to grow even stronger.

So who is a Pig?  Being that all men can be pigs, Pigs come in all shapes and sizes, young and old and in every race and creed.  The term Pig is a very inclusive one and relates to the gay man that is exploring his sexual vocabulary and his limits.  Kinky or promiscuous behavior has gone on in many forms over the ages.  Yet gay men have been repressed in their sexual activities because of the onset of the AIDS epidemic.  Gay men are now armed with knowledge, condoms, prep, and safe drugs to control the virus. This has given them the freedom to once again to explore their desires without fear.  The growth of Pig Week is a testament to this Gay Sexual Revolution.  Pig Week offers seminars on fisting, sounding, electro, role playing, bondage, S&M, and a number of other fetishes.  It also offers lots of private pool parties, dungeon parties, Comradery of likeminded men, and some of the biggest gay fetish dance parties in Florida.

This year they have people flying in from all over the world.  Men from as far away as Australia, Chili, United Arab Emerits, Argentina, Germany, UK, and France.  Registrations are up about 30% from last year at this time.

The Leather Masked Ball has been going strong for 12 years and is the kickoff party for Pig Week.   This party is the premier annual dance party and charity event of south Florida’s Leather Community.  The Following weekend is the Ramrods biggest Pig Dance of the year, and Hunters Dammed Party.  This year Southern Nights has joined the mix with their addition of the Pork Party.  Johnson’s has committed to a dancer event called Pigs Invade Johnson’s, and it seems as if the entire community is working together to make Pig Week an event to remember.

The out of town registrations for this year’s event are well above last years at this time so we are expecting this town to be over-run by leather clad pigs at the end of November.  Full details for the event can be seen at pigweek.com.