Plant City native, R. David Walker has announced his bid for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture. Walker is a 5th generation Floridian, with a genuine love for our state and its natural resources. He knows that Florida’s economy depends on the strength of our environment, and as Florida Commissioner of Agriculture, he will ensure that we bolster our commitment to conserving and preserving our natural resources, so our economy continues to grow.

Born in Plant City to two public servants — his father was a firefighter captain, and his mother was a schoolteacher — Walker barely survived his early childhood. Born prematurely at 27 weeks, he spent more time in the hospital during the first two years of his life than at home, with his doctors questioning whether he would survive. With great care from his medical team, Walker got stronger and ultimately was able to go home to be with his parents and two sisters. Although he was physically healthy, David was diagnosed with learning disabilities. In his early childhood, he had difficulty speaking and began learning American Sign Language, while attending speech therapy to help improve his language development and communication skills. By the time Walker started school, his language skills had emerged and his studies introduced him to the topics that became his career in environmental conservation.

After high school, Walker began working with wildlife and learning about the importance of our environment. He holds a Bachelors degree with honors in Environmental Science as well as a Masters degree with honors in Environmental Policy and Management from American Public University. His love for the field has led him to research posts at the United States Geological Survey, National Park Service, and Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission, among others. Walker has researched and explored the impact of climate change on our beaches, how invasive species are changing the Everglades, and has advocated for air, land and water conservation.

Walker is president of the South Florida Audubon Society, sits on the Everglades Regional Conservation Committee and is Vice President of the Broward Chapter of the Democratic Environmental Caucus. He is also involved with a wide range of professional associations. Walker’s conservation and environmental background provides a strong foundation for the important work of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as a steward of Florida’s sustainability. He understands that without a healthy and thriving environment, the cornerstones of Florida’s economy will diminish.

In a recent posting to his official campaign site, Walker stated, “I’m running for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services because Florida’s economy depends upon a thriving environment, and we need a knowledgeable steward to guide our prosperity. Every major industry sector in Florida is based on our sustainable environment. Conserving and protecting our environment to ensure Florida’s strong economy takes more than lip service — it takes commitment and dedication to preserving our natural resources while promoting vibrancy and growth. That’s where I stand, and I hope you’ll join me.”

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