In week 1 of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 3 we met the competitors, which were announced a few months earlier, they are: Aja (season nine; from Brooklyn NY), BenDeLaCreme (season six; from Seattle, WA), Chi Chi DeVayne (season eight; from Shreveport, LA), Kennedy Davenport (season seven; from Dallas, TX), Milk (season six; from New York, NY), Morgan McMichaels (season two; from Los Angeles, CA), Shangela (seasons two & three; from Los Angeles, CA), Thorgy Thor (season eight; from Brooklyn, NY), and Trixie Mattel. What we weren’t told a few months ago is that there would be a surprise contestant in Bebe Zahara Benet, the winner of season 1.

This week’s episode only featured a maxi challenge, and the contestants were challenged to gag the judges with an “All Star Variety Show.” In the end, the top 2 were Aja and BenDeLaCrème who Lip Synched for their legacy, and the winner won $10,000, and also had to decide which of the bottom two (Morgan or Chi Chi) would be eliminated . Ben won and decided to send Morgan home, because unlike most of the all-stars, Morgan was vocal that she would send home her strongest competitor rather than the weakest link.

How has your life changed since you were on Drag Race?

Leaps and bounds as I have traveled the world and I have gone to the most exotic countries and meet tons of fans. The pay hike is always appreciated and due to the extra income I am trying to establish a property and get my life together.


What has been some of your favorite cities to visit as RuPaul alumni?

Getting to go home to the UK is always a plus. I got to see Lima Peru, which was beautiful and my mom in Australia. I just go t to go to Hawaii for the first time, which was amazing.  A benefit of traveling around the world is you get to see all the types of drag, and learn from it. 

How exciting was it to get called back for All Stars? Did you consider not coming back, and if so what made you come back?  

You don’t say no to momma Ru! It was a tremendous opportunity to let people see how I have grown. I really wanted the crown and a place on the wall.

How did you prepare differently for all stars than you did the first time you were on the show?

I was definitely more focused and involved with my looks. I had a game plan this time.

Now that you have been eliminated, who do you want to win?

I think it’s going to be a hard decision—everyone is so talented. These girls are coming for blood. I am very intrigued to see who wins.


What’s ahead for Morgan?

I think that I am going to release my jingle from the episode and some more music projects and hopefully have a great time.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

I just ask everyone to make sure you follow the family and stay a fan of Drag Race.

For more information on Morgan, go to: or you can follow her on Social Media (Facebook or Instagram/Morganmcmichaels).