(Photo: John Moore)

Dixie Longate, a character created by actor Kris Andersson, has appeared in popular engagements of the “Dixie’s Tupperware Party” all over the country. The not your grandma’s Tupperware experience is filled with naughtiness and a whole bunch of laughter, and fun that mixes an interactive sales-pitch with genuine Tupperware sales.

After many years of focusing on the Tupperware party shows, Dixie introduced a new show, “Never Wear a Tube Top While Riding a Mechanical Bull and 16 other things I learned while I was drinking last Thursday” in 2014 to rave reviews.

Now she has a new show “No Instructions” that will be premiering as part of the Outlandish Comedy Series at the Sunshine Cathedral on Saturday, March 3 at 8 p.m.

It was a pleasure to once again sit down with Dixie for this Hotspots exclusive interview:

Were you always a performer, even as a child, or when did it start?

I was never a performer or on stage. I started selling Tupperware, and a friend said you should put this ion stage. I took it to New York to a little theater and it got a lot of attention. I was then put on off Broadway and that got more attention. After that the world tour started.

When did you start selling Tupperware?

August 31, 2001 was my very first Tupperware party.

Where were you raised, and did that influence Dixie?

Mobile, Alabama is where I am from, and Dixie is definitely influenced by my upbringing…just listen to her voice and mannerisms!

Is it true that while on a talk show in London you sold over $700 to the crew?

I was doing a show a long time ago and I was promoting an upcoming show and brought a little bit of Tupperware with me. The crew got so excited about the things I talked about, and I sold a little bit over $700 to them.

How did it feel to be the #1 Tupperware saleswomen?

Yes, I was the number one Tupperware sales lady…can you believe it? They have an annual Tupperware event called the Jubilee; it’s like the academy awards of Tupperware. They brought me up on stage and they gave me a sash, and some other stuff and then they hand you a microphone.

I remember the very first time I was at the Jubilee and I was sitting in the back row and I thought I will be up there one day. Fast forward a couple years and then I was. While I was talking a smile came over my face as I was thinking of someone in the back row that was probably feeling the same way I did a couple years prior.

After so many years doing Tupperware shows, what made you decide to venture into performing new shows?

After the show I am always in the lobby of the theater chatting with people. Sometimes I am there over an hour and people constantly tell me I have the best stories and that they feel that they were getting their own private show. Eventually it made me think that I could do another show about my stories, and I did!

My goal is really to put smiles on people’s faces, and affect them in a positive way

What was the inspiration for “No Instructions?”

The world has changed. In the past everything came with instructions. Now there are no instructions anymore, and there seems to be no guide to plan on how to run your life. I might not know the answers on how to do things right, but I sure as hell know when you are doing it wrong.

Are you excited to once again be performing as part of the Outlandish Comedy Series?

I am. Matt Farber does such a good job putting together a fun group of people who all have different ideas and opinions to share!

Tell us something people would be surprised to know about you?

I am real good at riding a mechanical bull without falling off. I use one hand on the bridal and one hand on my sippy cup of Jack Daniels.

What’s ahead for Dixie? 

There are a lot of irons in the fire and I am very excited about the future. I have some meetings in L.A. and I am working on a book. But rest assured my shows will always have new stories.

For more information on Dixie, go to: Dixielongate.com and don’t forget Dixie will be premiering “No Instructions” as part of the Outlandish Comedy Series at the Sunshine Cathedral on Saturday, March 3 at 8p.m. For tickets, which start as low as $30, go to: OutlandishFL.com.