Hunter Taylor & Anthony Muscolino (Photo by J.D. Casto)

How long have you been together?

Just about 8 years.

How did you meet?

Mutual friends on Facebook. A couple of “likes” goes a long way.

Favorite place for date night?

We’re pretty low key, so we’ll either grab a bite and a movie in Ybor, or drink some homemade cocktails and play video games together.

Favorite pride event to attend?

We love Tampa Pride. We live in Ybor, so it’s amazing to see our neighborhood transformed by the festivities and spend the day with our friends.

Favorite bar in Tampa?  

We gravitate towards Southern Nights when we go out — the drag shows are always great!

Favorite restaurant in Tampa?

Depends on who you ask. Hunter is vegan, so he loves getting the grilled tempeh sandwich from Bodega. Anthony has a big sweet tooth, and he’s always craving the bread pudding from 4 Rivers Smokehouse.

Something that Anthony absolutely adores about Hunter?

I love Hunter’s sense of adventure and ability to make the best of any situation. He can easily put me in the best mood with his smile. I think the key to success for us is making the best of everything and being grateful for our experiences.

Something that Hunter absolutely adores about Anthony?

Anthony is such a goofball, and I tend to be more serious and reserved. I love how he breaks me out of my shell, plays pranks on me and we can just laugh together. He’s also such a curious person, so I’m always learning something new from Anthony.

Favorite vacation spot?

We recently have a new found love for San Francisco! But we also take annual trips to NYC.

Favorite hobby to do as a couple?

We love taking short road trips on the weekends to explore all the nooks and crannies of Florida. You’ll see us acting like tourists, taking photos and flying our drone.