Raul Ernesto

I’m sure you have all noticed like I have that there is a big difference in lighting and production from one club to the next. Sometimes they are mediocre and sometimes they are amazing. I wanted to take this opportunity to do a feature on one of the best company’s I have ever worked with and seen their work: Vizion Event Production. It was a pleasure to sit down with co-owner Raul Ernesto for this Hotspots exclusive interview.

When did you get into the nightclub business?

I was involved in the nightlife entertainment industry at a very young age. It was not until 2008 when it became my career.

What was the first club you managed?

The infamous DISCOTEKKA/Mekka in Downtown Miami.

At what point did you discover your love for lights and sound?

I have always been attracted to stage production. It is not an easy task to create a concept and bring it to life on a stage. I witnessed some of the best nightclub light shows and stage productions at the Coliseum in Fort Lauderdale, around 1998, under the direction of Gary Santis. I learned very much of the nightclub logistics and details for production from Santis. I do believe that besides art and passion, it is a special gift that is needed to be able to deliver a great visual production. I have great admiration for Danny Villar, Kidd Madonny, and Luis Morera, who year after year are always delivering great creative concepts, shaping the way of Gay entertainment in South Florida.

What made you decide to open Vizion Event Production?

VIZION Event Productions was born from the passion of music, production and nightlife of two individuals: Raul Vegas (moi), who has been in the Entertainment Industry of South Florida for almost two decades and has a keen eye for detail, production, organization and overall event logistics, and, Yazz Burrell, recognized Star DJ/Producer of South Florida in the LGBT community and specialist in audio visual technology.

“The need of something beyond what we usually see in LED Production and the support from peers and clients in the Industry gave us that ‘YOU CAN DO IT’ boost of confidence we needed to create VIZION” – Raul Vegas

What are the services that Vizion Event Productions offer?

We specialize in audiovisual high tech services. From corporate events to circuit parties and festivals. We offer top of the line sound, staging, lighting, LED WALL designs and Special effects. No event is too big or too small.

We achieve the highest standards of excellence in audio visual production services by consistently providing our partners with the finest personal service and unforgettable audio visual experiences.

Is Vizion Event Productions affordable?

Definitely! The needs of every client are different and important to us. Our goal is to make your event an unforgettable and amazing experience. Every event is customized to your needs. We take pride in our “We Work With You” policy.

What has been some of the major events and nightclubs that have hired you?

We are privileged to name the local nightclubs and organizations we have had the pleasure to work with: URGE, Matinee Miami, White Party, Sizzle Miami, SAVE, Impulse, Miss Florida F.I., Kidd Madonny Events, GAY8 Festival, The Manor and SCORE to name just a few.

Why should someone hire Vizion Event Productions as opposed to another Audio Visual Company?

It is a reality, that like in any other industry, we have competitors that can achieve a good product, but what is also true and what sets us apart from the rest is our excellent personalized service, level of expertise and professionalism, and what we are most proud of … that we always go that extra mile, providing you MUCH more then what you imagined. Our entire team is committed to the three pillars of: Service, Quality, and Technological Innovation, enabling us to exceed all of your needs and expectations.

What does the future hold for Vizion Event Productions?  

A long and wide road of success. We are excited to be the production company of your choice for your next event!

Get more information at Vizionledevents.com or catch them on Social Media: Facebook.com/Vizion LED Events or Instagram.com/Vizion_Productions.