Thalia Almodovar, is the breakout star from VH1 Beauty Bar, a new reality show that follows an eclectic group of hairstylists and makeup artists from the Inwood, Manhattan hotspot House Of Dolls By Henry.

Thalia’s led a private life until now.  It all changed last month when VH1 released the first trailer of VH1 Beauty Bar.

According to VH1, Thalia is the center of attention who commands the beauty scene with her looks and makeup expertise. The show also stars Kevin, who is known for his flamboyant makeover magic that has significantly grown his social media following and clientele; master colorist Vee is a former bottle girl who hopes to one day own a salon; Notik is the resident barber who constantly draws in new clients to stay ahead of the game. New to the salon are hairstylists Princess, who is determined to prove herself as a top “weave-ologist,” and her best friend Rell, the shop’s loctician (dreadlock specialist). Owner Henry runs a tight ship as he manages the salon and day-to-day operations alongside his business partner Tess.

“We give our clients an experience no other salon in the city can and we party while doing it.  It doesn’t get better than that.   Thalia admits she likely comes off as the villain on VH1 Beauty Bar, but sees no problem in it.  “I grew up watching Spanish soap operas and the villain always has the most fun,” she laughs.  “Honestly, though, I’m a sweetheart once you get to know me.”


It was a pleasure to sit down with Latina Thalia for this exclusive Hotspots interview:

How young were you when you first realized you were born into the wrong body, and how did you process it?

I was probably say at the age of 5, is when I realized there was something different. I felt like I was on the wrong line at the gym. I should have been on the girl’s line.

When did you start wearing girl clothing?

I was always very feminine and girly, so I was never macho. I remember being very young and wanting to wear unisex or feminine clothes.

When did you start transitioning?

At 20 right after high school. I met someone that led me on this journey and she helped me get to my goals.

How has your family and friends accepted the process?

Friends have been really good and my father has been amazing. My mom comes from a really religious background and she doesn’t approve. I don’t find her actions to be ok, but I have to deal with it.

When and how did you get into make-up and become a make-up artist?

When I graduated high school I writ into performing arts school for acting. It was all a competition, and I didn’t like that. I always liked to paint and draw, so I decided Make up may be something I like, so I went to make up school, and I immediately took to it and I started working for Lancôme, Mac, etc. I met a guy who got me work at fashion week and editorial projects, etc, and my career took off.

How did the show Beauty Bar come about?

A friend of mine is a producer, and she knows one of the talent agents from VH1. They had the idea of the show and the salon they were originally interested in closed. My friend introduced us and the rest is history.

As the Break Out Star of Beauty Bar:

Have you started to get recognized on the street yet?

When I go out on the weekend, I am getting recognized a lot and getting a lot of positive feedback.

How has your life changed?

I am super busy now, not only with more make up orbs, but I am a public figure and I have gotten back into acting and am getting jobs.

Tell us something people would be surprised to know about you?

That I am a really good cook. I also know how to put carpet down on a floor.

What’s ahead for Thalia?

Honestly I wish I knew, but I would love to get even more acting gig..

For more information on Thalia, follow her on Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat@DashingThalia.