Dusty Ray Bottoms

Episode 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 started out with a mini challenge where Ru had the girls get into 15-minute quick drag, and then they had to perfect the art of the celebrity photo bomb by inserting themselves into famous photos while Ru worked the camera. Aquaria won the challenge (and a $1,000 credit to Postmates). Afterwards, Ru informed the girls that she had bad news and good news. The bad news was that climate change was real, and the good news was that she was throwing a ball, “The Last Ball on Earth.” For the event, the queens had to create three looks. The categories were: Alaskan Winter Realness, Miami Summer Realness, and Martian Eleganza Extravaganza. Some of the looks blew me away and in the end the Top 3 were Cameron, Aquaria and Miss Cracker, with Aquaria winning a $2,000 gift card to d bleu dazzled and a wig wardrobe from Rock Star Wigs. The bottom two were Monet and Dusty, with Dusty sashaying away.

We caught up with Dusty to dish on her Drag Race experience.


Q: At what age did drag become an interest, and how did you pick your name?

I moved to New York City to become an actor. That didn’t go the way I wanted it to and I was waiting tables. Four years passed, and I had the need to create. I met Bob and Thorgy, and that’s when drag became an interest. They did some of the coolest things I have ever seen.

My nickname as a boy was Dusty Ray, and there was this boy who called me a bottom, so he would call me Dusty Ray Bottoms. When I started drag, I took that as my name.

Q: How did the dots come about?

The dots came about because my brows were really crazy and did not match my face. A friend suggested I put dots on my face and then draw my brows out by connecting the dots. I drew dots but decided not to connect them, and they started taking over my face in different forms. 

Q: How many times did you apply to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race? How did it feel when you found out you had been chosen?

I applied twice: for Season 8, and then I skipped a year and got chosen for Season 10. For every step of the process, it was so surreal. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I felt so lucky. 

Q: Is there additional pressure now that RuPaul’s Drag Race has been on for nine seasons plus three seasons of All Stars?

Absolutely. I feel like the bar is raised every year. And, of course, drag itself is evolving. I felt a lot of pressure to do my community proud-and do myself proud. 

Q: Tell us about your Drag Race experience?

It was great! I did well on the challenges, but had one mishap that caused me to be eliminated. I made some really good friends. I feel very blessed.

Q: What’s your marital status? If single, what are you looking for in a man?

I have a fiancé, and we are going to get married soon. He is everything to me. 

Q: Who do you want to win and why?

I couldn’t pick just one person: I need a top 5, because this cast is so brilliant. I love all the girls.

Q: Tell us something people would be surprised to learn about you.

I’m handy with a tool belt. I can build you a house, fix a tire, etc.

Q: What’s ahead for Dusty?

I just came out with a single and a music video for “Neva Lavd Yah!”  It’s a summer anthem. There’s more music to come from me, so keep an eye out for it. The end goal is to open queer places across the country, so LGBTQ people can have a safe place to create and be artistic.

Q: Is there anything I didn’t ask you that you would like to talk about?

Yes, I urge everyone to go to TheTrevorProject.org, sign up for their newsletter, and donate money. Together we can end conversion therapy.

For more on Dusty Ray Bottoms, follow her at Instagram.com/dustyray.