The 46th anniversary of the Female Impersonator Miss Florida Pageant will be taking place on Sunday, September 30 and Monday, October 1 at the beautiful new home for Miss Florida Pier 66 on the 17th Street Causeway. The pageant is nicknamed “The Social Event of the Season”   attracting some of the top named female impersonators, and Movie, TV and Fashion stars from across the USofA and beyond.

In the past Miss Florida had celebrity judges including KC and Sunshine Band, Boy George, and Sylvester.

Although many pageant systems have started since, they have followed the lead of Miss Florida F.I. Although Miss Florida F.I. is a state title, the system has always been recognized as a national pageant.

Former winners have gone onto great careers in TV,  movies, and coveted lead roles in shows and cabarets including Las Vegas and P-Town, and have traveled not only across the state of Florida but around the world.  

The current owners plan to uphold the vision of original owners Keith Landon and Rene Rodriguez include, they are:

Alyson Thomas, a seasoned professional in the art form of female impersonation herself for 40 years, brings professionalism, style, stability, and experience to the pageant.  She is also known throughout the country as a leading promoter and supporter to many who have gone on to become national title holders and a coach to newcomers.  Well respected by everyone in the art form, a hands on owner with an eye for detail, coupled with personality, hospitality and vision.

Scott Holland, whose knowledge and experience in the Florida market includes: media and editorial experience, judge to many pageantry systems, a pageant coordinator, public relations, professionalism, and a love for entertainment that cannot be touched. Scott is also Hotspots Media’s very own Associate Publisher.

Victor Zepka and Gary Santis who have owned the pageant for the last 26 years.  They bring 26 years of hands on working knowledge of the system, and the experience that’s makes Miss Florida F.I. rich in history, and memories. Victor brings long standing established relationships with sponsors, vendors and local business and community leaders to the pageant.  Gary continues to create amazing sets, outrageous productions, state of the art sound and lighting, encompassing a show and a night of entertainment not to be missed.

When asked about any new things happening in the Miss Florida System, Alyson Thomas, President, said “We have many exciting plans in the years to come that I think the community is going to love. So far, since resurrecting the Miss Florida system 5 years ago, we have also brought back the Miss Florida F.I, at Large pageant 3 years ago that we produce at the Parliament House, and this year we are excited to be producing for the second Time, the Mr Florida Male Entertainer pageant that will be held, on Sunday, September 30 also at Pier 66”

I asked Miss Florida F.I. 2017, the talented Kalah Mendoza, why it was so important for her to become Miss Florida F.I and she said: “From the moment I moved to Florida, I knew I wanted to be Miss Florida F.I. I attended in 2014 to do my research, and then started competing in 2015. I was lucky enough to make the top 5 that year, and the following, and on my third try I was fortunate to be crowned Miss Florida 2017/18, and my life changed. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to travel the state and meet so many people and make so many good friends. For my sisterhood, the former Miss Florida’s, Thank you for accepting me with open arms. For my successor, I wish a fabulous year filled with love and surprises.”

The Mr. Florida M.E. and Miss Florida F.I. pageant will be held Sunday and Monday, September 30 and October 1 at the beautiful Pier 66 on the 17th street causeway.  To reserve your hotel room (which is only $119 per night until SEPTEMBER 13) at To purchase tickets go to or call Scott at 954-478-4587.