Photos: Shane Sinclair

The world’s first transgender lingerie brand –Carmen Liu Lingerie-launched yesterday evening with a spectacular fashion show, signaling a new dawn for transgender women around the world.

The event was held at the glamorous Glaziers Hall on London’s Southbank and featured jaw-dropping voguing performances plus live hair and makeup demonstrations from world-class professionals. Alongside a pop-up shop showcasing the lingerie brand, the Carmen Liu Lingerie fashion runway exclusively featured transgender models.

But not everyone was ready to embrace this first-of-its-kind brand, designed exclusively for transgender women. There were several anti-transgender protesters outside the event causing a stir by singing transphobic songs, wearing offensive clothing and waving around anti-trans derogatory posters.

The very purpose of the collection is to help transgender women feel genuinely feminine and sexy and help cisgender people to “get it” –“it” being that transgender people are equal to everyone else and should be treated as such.

Clearly, these transphobic actions –which did nothing to dim the success of the launch event –shows that we still have a long way to go in society to reach this point. But there is no doubt we will get there!

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