There is no question that the best Gay Sports Bar South Florida had was Sidelines, which opened its door on May 12, 2006 and ended it 9 year run in 2015. Even though I am not a sports person, I personally have countless great memories of Sidelines and remember many Superbowls that I was there not even knowing which team to root for, but just enjoying the amazing atmosphere that Laurie and Jennifer created for our community. Unfortunately, Jennifer lost her battle with illness and was called home last year. At the celebration of life for Jennifer at the Pride Center, which was really more like a family reunion, I got a strong feeling that Sidelines would return. Therefore, when I got the call that Sidelines was returning, I was not surprised, just overjoyed! Laurie became partners with David Feinberg (SkyBank Financial, Manager at Sidelines) to open Sidelines 2 in Hollywood at 1832 Harrison Street. 

It was such a pleasure to sit down with Laurie and David for this exclusive Hotspots Interview:

What made you decide to bring Sidelines back?

Laurie – My love for the community and to get back involved. I also felt we needed a place for everyone to be unified that was drama-free!

How long did it take you to find a good location, and why Hollywood?

Actually I decided it was time like a year ago and I did get Jennifer’s approval before she passed. I was originally looking in Oakland Park, and then I looked in Hollywood and I really loved the mix of people and the fact that it was a vibrant young city.

The COA, Community Redevelopment Association, is very supportive and they want Gay business. A new Gay bar will be opening in Hollywood in the very near future called CAMP.

What makes David the perfect partner?

I have known him for over 22 years and we are very like-minded in that we believe in good customer service and know how to treat our staff. We are cut form the same cloth. It has been a very good marriage.

David, what made you decide to go into business with Laurie and re-open the iconic Sidelines, and what made Laurie the perfect partner?

I have always enjoyed being in the restaurant/bar business and working at the original Sidelines I knew Laurie and I would work well together. Managing the original Sidelines I saw how much our customers enjoyed being there, and became family to each other. I wanted to bring that type of bar back.

Being here, I am having nostalgia as this place looks almost exactly like the original Sidelines. I am assuming that was done on purpose, correct?

Laurie – Yes, of course, it’s part of what we really wanted to do.

David – We knew people would remember it and it had such a warm feeling.

I feel the spirit of Jennifer here. How much of an influence did she have in this venture?

Laurie – She was definitely a major part of it. She is involved in every decision.

What are you offering here that wasn’t in the original Sidelines?

Laurie – We have a kitchen, and 95% of what we serve starts from fresh. I am as excited about this as this was the number one question we would have at the original Sidelines. We do serve traditional bar food, but we also have many healthy options and also dinner options. We even have Vegan items. Also, there is plenty of parking in the vicinity. 

When is your grand opening, and what should we expect?

Laurie – The Grand Opening weekend is June 7, 8, and 9, and we will have a DJ Friday and Saturday Night and a Sunday T Dance starting at 3 pm. We will also have many specials all weekend long.

What does the future hold for Sidelines?

David – We are going to continue growing and developing relationships in the community and I hope we will be growing and opening new Sidelines in different geographic areas.

Congratulations to both of you. I am very happy that you made this decision. Hollywood is an amazing city and we love the fact that we can come here and once again patronize Sidelines!

Laurie – Absolutely! Tell all your readers to come down, check it out…as they are going to love it. You are going to fall in love with this city and Sidelines II!