Can you believe that Christmas and New Year’s are just around the corner? I mean, literally! There’s still so much to do: buying gifts, wrapping up work goals, coordinating travel plans – you name it!

Despite all the holiday shenanigans, there’s always something to look forward to, namely the parties! Holiday parties are all different, from ugly sweater themes and dirty Santa gift exchanges to all-out formal occasions. 

You already have enough to worry about, so I’ve put together a few ideas to help you look stylish for every event this holiday season.

The Work Party 

Your work party outfit will depend on the formality level of your office. They’ve all seen your everyday look. This is the time to step it up a bit and dress to stand out among a sea of boring looks! A new sweater, button-down, or suit that your coworkers haven’t seen you in can do the trick. To up your style game a notch, throw on a blazer (you can always take it off when the party gets hot). 

Also – don’t wear a Santa hat.


The Smart Casual Get-Together 

The ambiguous “smart casual” has become a go-to dress code for everything from afternoon weddings to birthday dinners with friends. No need to wear a suit here, but you must always be presentable. Add a sweater or shawl cardigan over an oxford shirt and pair with chinos or jeans to bring your look together.


The Ugly Sweater Party 

To be fair, I’ve never quite understood this concept. I’m pretty sure it was created by a style-challenged guy one year and it somehow took off. However, just because your sweater is ugly doesn’t mean the rest of your outfit should be. This is the party that gives you permission to dress ridiculously, so go for it and do the ugly sweater – but pair it with solid colored chinos, add a button-down shirt, and seal the deal with somewhat dressy kicks. Opt for some black or brown boots, oxfords, or even squeaky clean white sneakers.


The All-Out Formal/NYE Party 

Unless you are spending it at a bar…step it up! This is the time to truly look your best and sport a velvet or printed jacket or -dare I say it – A tuxedo! There’s nothing wrong with being the best-dressed person at the party. Just make sure you feel comfortable looking this good, because there’s nothing worse than wearing something you’re not committed to.


Whatever party and whatever you wear, just make sure you feel like a million bucks! And, of course, always party responsibly.