Although David Hernandez is best known for his gorgeous pipes, famously competing on the seventh season of American Idol, the out singer is making a name for himself in the wellness world. He’s the new spokesperson for the self-massaging tool, Pso-Rite.

He was first introduced to the product last year, after surviving a six-car pile-up that left him with severe injury to his neck and back.  “The pain was excruciating,” he remembers. He was given epidurals to alleviate the swelling in his spine and followed it with six months of chiropractor treatment.

“Most people don’t think about the impact of living with injury until it happens to them,” he continues. “All of a sudden, simple things like running, lifting, working, and performing basic tasks become impossible.”

After the chiropractor treatment ended, David hoped to follow it with massage therapy but his insurance wouldn’t cover it. Luckily, a chance encounter at a pool party changed everything for him.   

According to the 36-year-old, Pso-Rite does more than offer the deep tissue massages he needs to release the tightness in his neck and back.  It has allowed him to get back to the gym and feel like himself again.  We caught up with David Hernandez from his home in LA.

Is David Hernandez to Pso-Rite what Suzanne Somers was to ThighMaster?  

David Hernandez: (Laughing) If getting behind it means that more people will discover it, then sure, I’ll be Ms. Somers.  The truth is, thousands of everyday people believe in Pso-Rite and support it regardless of my involvement.

This isn’t your first time as a pitchman!  I read you had a job selling knives door-to-door as a kid. 

David Hernandez: (Laughing) Actually, I sold the knives during my first semester in college at the University of Arizona. I was terrible at it, because the knives cost three thousand dollars and I couldn’t sell something that I wouldn’t buy myself. 

How did you discover Pso-Rite?

David Hernandez:  My friend invited me to his pool this past summer and he told me about a company he and his brother had started. He had me try it out on the pool deck and I was immediately hooked.   It really hit home for me, considering I had been having chronic lower back pain since the accident.

Did the brothers ask you to be their spokesperson?

David Hernandez:  They asked me to take some photos with my Pso-Rite and about a month later, I came onboard with the company. It is definitely a passion of mine now. 


David Hernandez:  Because it got me to the point where I can hit the gym again!  I’m pain-free! Plus, using Pso-Rite for ten minutes before workouts improves my performance by enabling an increase range of motion. Using it after workouts helps with recovery by introducing new blood flow and releasing toxins. 

The gym has always played an important role in your life.  Fans may be surprised to learn that you were a gymnast before you were a singer.  

David Hernandez:  I was!  I was always very active, growing up. I used to watch the Olympics and dream of being in them one day. I competed in the Grand Canyon Olympics and took home a lot of medals. Gymnastics taught me discipline and helped to instill the importance of physical activity into my life that still continues to this day.  

Why did you give gymnastics up?

David Hernandez:  It is a very rigorous lifestyle. My life became school and then practice five days per week. It started to take a toll on me. 

The universe had bigger plans for you.  Do you keep in touch with any of the singers you competed with on the seventh season of American Idol?   

David Hernandez: Yes, I keep in touch with a lot of them. We all shared a really unique experience and became a family. I keep in regular contact with Chikezie, Syesha Mercado and Ramiele.  Carly Smithson came to my last show in San Diego. I also speak with contestants from other seasons. Blake Lewis, Elliott Yamin, Mikalah Gordon, Haley Reinhart, Brandon Rogers, and Joshua Ledet are all friends.

Are you working on any new music?

David Hernandez: Absolutely! Effie Passero (another former American Idol) and I have been writing music together and plan to release our first single and music video this month. We call ourselves 2nd Hour and the single will be “What I See,” a power ballad and we couldn’t be more stoked about!  

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