Do you love escape rooms as much as I do? Well if you do or you are a virgin and curious about them, wait no longer! There is going to be one right in our backyard with a theme: “Who Killed Amanda Austin?” This adventure will be taking place at the Auction House on 26th street. 

Here is how it’s going to work: Upon entering you get an introductory video where Amanda interacts with all the possible suspects, and is basically a bitch to everybody. As a result they all have different motives to kill her. It’s the grand opening of the new club “Temp” and she is about to go on stage. As she goes out to perform suddenly the lights go out, there is a bang, someone screams…and she is dead! 

The players enter into the room and you see Amanda’s body (OK it’s a mannequin) and then you have to get out by solving the crime of who killed Amanda Austin?

I sat down with Joshua Clifford, owner of Harper Sloan, and Amanda Austin to talk about this exciting new adventure.

Who created this idea and why?

Joshua – I did with my company Harper Sloan. I then went to Dream Big U and Access Granted who both loved the idea and we all became a great production team. I wanted to bring something to the community that’s not on the drive. We wanted to bring a fun activity that is different from what’s already out there.

This is a fundraiser for the SFAAA-LGBT Softball League, to help players go to the national tournament this season.

Tell me about Harper Sloan?

Prior to this I did home construction in Broward and Dade Counties.  When I sat down with Jorge Camacho and other members on the league and we started brainstorming for this fundraiser, the idea of building an escape room sounded like an incredible amount of fun.

How did Amanda get involved?

Amanda and I worked together at Rumors (Joshua used to be the Manager of Rumors) and I loved her and wanted to work with her again. So as soon as I thought of this, I immediately called her.

Amanda, are you excited about this? 

Of course, it’s something different than performing in a bar. And now that I work 9 days a week and 36 hours a day at Lips, I don’t get to do a whole lot of stuff out of there anymore. So it’s so nice to be involved in something like this and help support and expose me to men in uniforms. 

What’s next?

Joshua – We are in talks with the property owners for negotiating different types of events for the community. Some of the things being discussed is a drag talent competition, comedy nights, magician performers and obviously some more Escape Rooms. 

Who Killed Amanda Austin will be taking place at the Auction House (1444 NE 26th St, Wilton Manors) on February 21st, 22nd, 23rd & 28th, 29th and March 1st. Each game is an hour long. Tickets are $30 per person, but use the code “QUEENDOWN” to get $6 off. To guarantee a spot sign up online at: