Inspirational Mistakes That Made Me… ME!


In his first collection of humorous vignettes, the star of Christopher Street-The Series recounts some of his life’s biggest missteps, and reflects on how they have affected his personal journey. From learning to break out of his self-imposed shell to giving his heart to the wrong person, to finding the courage to come forward in a very public sex scandal, Dwight Allen O’Neal imparts his own brand of “gay boy next door” wisdom that has been delighting fans on his popular SHOULDA! COULDA! WOULDA! podcast show.


“Sharing your life with the world can be a sensitive and scary task,” Dwight Allen O’Neal reflects.  “I hope to use my life, experiences, and words to empower and support others, specifically young people and parents struggling to accept their child’s sexual preferences.” 

Nothing is sugarcoated in SHOULDA! COULDA! WOULDA!   There are moments readers will root for O’Neal and others where they will want to shout, “Pull it together, child!” There are inspirational lessons. Among them: when he tells of his close friend losing her battle with cancer.  In another story, he examines his tendency to deflate his own power with thoughts like “I am not as masculine as this person”, or “I am not as attractive or as smart as someone else.”  He eventually comes to learn that when he embraces himself for who he is, he attracts better opportunities, people, and circumstances into his life.


Dwight Allen O’Neal is a former fashion model and celebrity makeup artist who executive produced and starred in the first black gay web-series Christopher Street-The Series. In addition, he has co-created and produced major projects on Here TV (The Breeding) and Bravo TV (Your Husband is Cheating on Us). 

Today, on his popular podcast show, “Shoulda Coulda Woulda,” he shares with listeners his own life lessons he wishes he had known before making various life choices. 

“The biggest mistake a young person can make when they set out on their journey in life is living their life for their parents, their friends or for anyone other than themselves,” he says.  

He advises listeners – and now readers! – to jump into the pool and make a huge splash.  “Give the girls something to talk about.”

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