Canada’s Drag Race

Crowns a Winner: Priyanka

In the beginning of Episode 10 of Canada’s Drag Race, Brooke explains to the girls that the final maxi challenge will be for them to write and record an all new remix of RuPaul’s “You Wear It Well.” They will debuting their track on the main stage in a show stopping lip synch song and dance extravaganza.  They will be recording with Ralph and learning Choreography with Hollywood Jade and Brooke. Prior to this they will sit down for an interview with Jeffrey and Traci Melchor, who will once again be the guest host for the final runway.   


When the girls performed they all killed it with great lyrics, choreography, and amazing stage presence. At this point I think it was quite even across the board. Then they came out on the runway, with this week’s look being Coronation Eleganza: their very best drag. They all were unique, but Priyanka killed it with a gorgeous Bollywood Indian Queen.  


The girls were then asked why they should be crowned, and they all answered it well. Then the judges deliberated on who was going to be the top two to Lip Synch for the crown, while the girls went back to the workroom where they were surprised with all the former contestants. They all had a great chat. When the judges brought the girls back, they were told that the judges wanted all three to Lip Synch for the crown. 


They all Lip Synched well, but my favorite Lip Synch was Rita because I love girls that don’t have to twirl and flip and still make you not take your eyes off of them. However, I think it was Priyanka’s final runway look that snagged her the crown. It was a pleasure to sit down with Priyanka for this exclusive Hotspots interview:


At what age did drag become an interest, and how did you pick your name?

At the age of 26, and I picked Priyanka because I wanted to have a brown girl name who can be on stage and turn the party. 


How excited were you when you heard Drag Race was coming to Canada and how did you feel when you found out you were chosen?

I was at my old job when a post went up for it coming soon. My stomach dropped on the floor and I immediately had the feeling I was going to be on it. When I got cast, I sat and stared at the wall for 3 hours because I knew I had so much work ahead of me. 


How did you prepare to go on Drag Race?

I should have taken some improv classes, but I did take stoning classes, and I kept my head focused and got everything ready. 


How hard was it to keep the secret that you were on Canada’s Drag Race?

It was awful as people would come up to me all the time and ask me “how was it,” as if they knew. I had to pretend. 


Tell me about your Drag Race experience?

My experience was incredible. It wasn’t the drag race journey I thought I was going to have, as I thought I would win a lot more, and not be in the bottom 2 twice. 


Who were you with when you found out you won, and can you describe how it felt? 

I was in a room full of my most amazing supporters as we had a viewing party in Toronto and everyone started screaming so loud, I just started sobbing. 


If you couldn’t win, which of the other top 3 would you have wanted to win and why?

I think that both of them deserved the crown, but Rita Baga was my fiercest competition, and if it wasn’t me it was going to be her. 


You are very attached to your Indian heritage, even in drag. Have you always been?

It wasn’t like that growing up, as I would be scarred to bring Chicken Curry to school or play Indian music as I thought my friends would make fun of me. It is really great to have drag to showcase my Indian culture, and I love it. 


On the show you mentioned you were not out to your father and of course he didn’t know you did drag. Are you going to tell him? 

Recently I came out to him as a gay man and as a drag queen and he is still processing it. He is trying to educate himself. 


What are you going to do with the $100,000?

I was thinking of getting a pet pig and naming it Lemon…LOL! 


What’s your marital status? 

Mind your business. 


What’s Ahead for Priyanka? 

I want to release music, do more live shows, and have a YouTube series with Lemon. I also want to get better at “Snatch Game” and as I said earlier I want a pet pig. 


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