Power to the People

By Jack Barry


ES Collection’s Power Flux draws inspiration from American millennials who are boldly leading social rights movements.  


Despite significant progress, structural inequality based on gender, race, class, disability, and ethnicity persists in the USA, compounded and complicated by the current administration. Immigrants and LGBTQ+ people are targeted simply because of who they are.  Women are being told what they can and cannot do with their own bodies.  People of color are being disproportionately policed and incarcerated.


Young people in the USA aren’t taking it anymore.  They are standing, marching, picketing and leading new movements for LGBTQ equality, women and immigrant rights and racial justice.  They are redefining gender roles, challenging transphobia, and taking a knee for black lives.  Most significantly, they are preparing to make their voices heard this November at the ballot box.


Photographer Tarek del Moreno presents one of these millennials, model Amadou Latyr, proudly and brazenly posing in sportswear, street wear and underwear, all available now at


Amadou wears ES Collection’s Squares Gold Trunk 

Gold and black checkered fabric on the sides



Amadou wears ES Collection’s Basic Jockstrap in red

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Amadou wears ES Collection’s Rally Polo

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ES Collection’s Basic Jeans

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Amadou wears ES Collection’s Logo Basic Polo in Aqua

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ES Collection’s Flag Jeans

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Amadou wears ES Collections TriColor Push Up Jock

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ES COLLECTION on the front and back of the elastic band

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