Joe Biden kickoff rally May 2019

Equality Florida Action, Inc. Makes First-Ever Federal Endorsement, Backs Joe Biden for President

 “Our endorsement of a Biden-Harris ticket is a testament to the grave stakes of this election,” said Nadine Smith, Equality Florida Action, Inc. Executive Director. “The Trump-Pence Administration has been catastrophic for LGBTQ Americans, an onslaught of the brand of bigotry that Pence has become synonymous with. Giving them another four years in the Oval Office would put the most marginalized among us in danger and decimate the progress we’ve earned. The time is now to mobilize our community, turn out in record numbers, and elect a President who will shepherd the fight for full equality instead of wage war on it. The time is now to elect Joe Biden and we are ready to deliver him a win in Florida.”


The historic endorsement comes as polls tighten in the state and focus intensifies on voting demographics that will determine the outcome on November 3. In June, Equality Florida Action, Inc. launched its largest voter mobilization program in organization history, targeting 500,000 pro-equality voters at risk of not casting a ballot. Via a sweeping digital campaign and grassroots Days of Action, Equality Florida Action, Inc. will look to draw a clear contrast for those voters between a Trump Administration that has assaulted LGBTQ equality and a Biden-Harris ticket that has committed to expanding protections for the community and would be the most pro-LGBTQ in history. In a state whose election outcomes live on a razor’s edge, LGBTQ voters in Florida and their allies will determine the results on election night – and the country’s course for generations to come.

“The choice could not be clearer or the election more consequential,” explained Smith. “The country cannot withstand another four years of hate, bigotry, and an assault on the rights of all Americans to live authentically without fear of violence. In November, pro-equality voters in Florida will chart the path forward from this nightmare.”