Sharpen Your Focus, Improve Your Workouts, and Take That Body to a Higher Level!

Did you know that it takes a solid 2-3 weeks to develop a new habit like working out? On the flip side, it only takes a few missed workouts for you to throw in the towel altogether! Why not make a regular exercise routine and a sound nutritional program a permanent part of your life right now? You can do this if you put your mind to it!  Your fitness lifestyle requires you to be mentally present and in the moment every time you hit the gym. Here are 5 pointers to help you sharpen your mental focus to take that body to a higher level of greatness.

First, leave your troubles outside! Whether you’re working out at home or in a commercial gym, clear your mind and focus upon the work at hand. Holding on to cares and worries can diminish your performance and even cause you to cut your exercise sessions short. Working out can actually help you blow off steam. Take out your frustrations on the weights and put that nervous energy to good use on your favorite cardio machine.

Second, let music take you to a higher level. Most gyms provide high energy background music to inspire patrons. Your workouts can get an even bigger boost if you are more selective about your music. Choose high energy tunes with a positive message, songs that rev you up, music that will light a fire under your cardio, and make you pump that iron extra hard!

Third, when you are lifting, form is everything. You have all the rest of your life to lift more and heavier weights. If you’re sloppy and careless with your form, you’re risking injuries that could put you out of commission for weeks, months, or even permanently! 

Fourth, don’t be haphazard about cardio-vascular training. It’s great sometimes to just zone out while doing cardio. But if you really want to make gains, focus upon what you are doing- how well your body is working, how hard your heart is beating, how efficiently you are breathing. Know your target heart rate (220 minus your age) and work in that zone for at least 15 or 20 minutes each session.

Fifth, don’t skip stretching. The protocol for stretching is that you do it extensively before a bout of cardio and between sets when you are weight training. Stretching can eliminate soreness since it allows tired muscles to get fresh blood and oxygen to fibers. Make sure to stretch safely and hold each stretch for 15 seconds. Flexibility is an important component of fitness and one that can show gains with just a few minutes of work each day.

The time you spend in the gym is vital to your health and longevity. Don’t let todays distractions rob you of wonderful gains. Stick to your plan, sharpen your mental focus and full speed ahead!