The Wick Theatre presents drag superstars Varla Jean Merman & Electra in The Queen’s Canteen, a fun-filled drag revue packed with lots of laughs, celebrity impersonations, and song parodies with incredible live vocals. It’s a show business celebration like no other!

Electra’s (aka Jim Buff) – ability to make you laugh or cry at the drop of a heel is unquestionable. Perfecting his uncanny 35 plus look-a likes is his passion. This keeps him and the audience on it’s toes!

Varla Jean Merman (aka hunky muscle daddy Jeffery Roberson Loe) starred in the musical Lucky Guy opposite Leslie Jordan in New York in 2011 at the Little Shubert Theatre. Jeffery, as Varla Jean, has filled concert halls and cabarets across the world including the Sydney Opera House and Carnegie Hall.

It was a pleasure to sit down with my friend of over 20 years, Electra, and Varla who I have gotten to know since she moved here for this exclusive Hotspots Interview:

You are both iconic drag performers, how long have you known each other and where did you meet?

Electra – We First met at Susanne Bartsch circuit party in SOBE…I think in the early 90’s.

Varla – It was like 1992 at a Susanne Bartsch Warsaw party. I did my “Dream a Little Dream of Cheese” number and downed an entire can of spray cheese.

I know you have both worked in P-Town at different venues. Tell me how P-Town was/is for you?

Electra – I had a great 6-year stint in P-Town, because of fabulous entertainers after work getting together to commiserate with.

Varla – Well this is my 24th summer consecutively. If my career were a child, she would have dropped out of college by now!

Have you worked together before? If so where?

Electra – Never on stage together…I have done clothes and wigs for Varla on and off for years now.

Varla – NI…but I have been a big fan of Electra and would go see her every time I wa sin town…Now that I live here, we finally get to work together.

How did this show come along?

Electra – The Wick Theatre wanted to reach the gay demographic, and Marilynn, Executive Producer, asked me to do a show and I said I wanted to do it with Varla.

Varla – Electra called and asked me to do it, and because I had not had a job in a year…well I said…Let me check my calendar…haha!

Electra you are known for characters and Varla Jean you are known for your original comedy skits, do the two genre’s work well together?

Electra – We both enjoy a good parody and admire and feature each other’s strengths.

Varla – At the heart of it…we are both comedy queens, who just happen to be painfully beautiful…haha! 

What should our readers expect from Queen’s Canteen?

Electra – A broad buffet of comedy and illusions all geared to cheer us up and get back into the theaters entertaining where we belong! We are all desperate to be entertained again!

Varla – Well hopefully not Covid…JUST KIDDING!!! The Wick has taken every precaution to ensure (which is also their beverage of choice…LOL) the safety of their patrons and everyone who works there.

The Queen’s Canteen is showing on March 26th & March 27 at 8pm at the Wick Theatre & Costume Museum (7901 N. Federal Hwy. Boca Raton). Dinner Packages start at 6:30 and are $100 and show only tickets are $55 and are available by calling the box office at 561-995-2333 or emailing them at For more information, go to