In recent years, pet-friendly accommodation for holiday travelers has become more of a norm than an exception. Nowadays, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find a booking that welcomes both two and four-legged guests.

However, there is no use in planning a dog-centered getaway if you haven’t yet adopted your paw-fect partner! If you’re ready for pet parenthood, below are the most popular dog breeds to own in 2021.

Labrador Retriever

Not to be dethroned is the ever-faithful Labrador Retriever. This loyal breed is no stranger to adventure and will never hesitate to take a cross-country trip with its owner.

Labrador Retrievers are highly versatile dogs, bred to hunt, show, dock dive, and track. All that aside, Labs make an excellent travel companion and are the American Kennel Club’s number one breed for a reason!

Golden Retriever

Intelligent, personable, and the star of dozens of Hollywood blockbusters, Golden Retrievers are just as much a fan favorite as their Labrador counterparts. They are highly trainable, patient, and the ultimate definition of “Man’s Best Friend.”

Equally compatible for work or play, it’s no wonder Golden Retrievers have made regular appearances in American households.

German Shepherd

Known primarily as service or police dogs, German Shepherds are equally as affectionate as they are alert. They are fiercely loyal to their owners and far more sociable than most people give them credit for.

Whether as working members of society or gentle guardians in your family home, German Shepherds make ideal canine companions.

French Bulldog

The ever-popular French Bulldog is more than just a big-eared pup with irresistible eyes. They have explosive personalities and make perfect partners for apartment-dwelling city-goers.

Frenchies are also photogenic, making up a decent percentage of Instagram-famous pooches (we’re looking at you, Gary Fisher!)


Don’t let their protective and “tough guy” nature fool you—Rottweilers are far from the aggressive dog they are made out to be. This stunning breed is a loyal companion with an affinity for children.

If you’re looking for a cuddle buddy who won’t mind being your big spoon, Rottweilers are the way to go.

Yorkshire Terrier

During the Victorian Age, Yorkshire Terriers became the fashionable pet of choice. Now, they are a well-loved companion dog with a tenacious and electric personality. Originally bred to hunt rats in clothing mills, teaching your Yorkie to fetch and retrieve won’t be a problem.

This aesthetically pleasing breed is also no stranger to being Best in Show. If you’re a fan of lustrous coats and golden-trimmed ribbons, you might consider adopting a Yorkshire Terrier!


Curious and with a knack for sniffing out where you’ve kept their jar of treats, Beagles are an adventure in themselves. This naturally playful but restrained breed will do well in a household with toddlers.

We’ll also have to admit that their puppy-like appearance might have a thing or two to do with their current popularity!

Make Your Match

If you’ve been daydreaming about a four-legged friend for quite some time and have done your homework, the breeds listed above are among the American Kennel Club’s leading players. Adopt your chosen breed responsibly by connecting with shelters in your area.

Photo by Goochie Poochie Grooming from Pexels

About the Author is the brainchild of animal enthusiast Mike. Passionate about responsible pet ownership, he is committed to providing accessible resources on care, nutrition, and training.