In an interview with The Sunday Times last week, notorious gossip blogger Perez Hilton said he doesn’t expect to ever be forgiven for his past behavior. In the interview he said, “I am irredeemable in the eyes of most. No matter how much I change, grow, evolve, apologize, they refuse to see me for who I am today.” Hilton made a name for himself in the mid-2000s in large part by targeting closeted celebrities and outing them to the world, often giving them degrading nicknames and sometimes going so far as to publish their nudes or screenshots from their private dating profiles. Here are some of the celebrities who Hilton outed. Lance Bass, who Hilton called “Princess Frosty Locks.” Prison Break star Wentworth Miller, and his boyfriend at the time Luke McFarlane. Anderson Cooper, Kevin Spacey, and Jodi Foster all of whom he criticized for being closeted because they were famous. He attacked Neil Patrick Harris, trying to dig up dirt on him online. He went after American Idol Clay Aiken, posting profile pics and chat screenshots from his ManHunt profile. These are just some of the people whos lives and careers Hilton put in danger by outing them, so he may be correct that there are many who will not ever forgive him.