When it comes to refreshing your home, sometimes all you need to do is update your paint job. The question is, what color?

Trends have drastically changed in South Florida, said Jerry Polis, owner of Broward Boys Painters.

“We’re totally away from any vivid colors,” Polis said. “The Florida look is dead.”

He said years ago, people favored bright colors, mustards, golds, and warm tones for their homes.

“Now everything is gray and monochromatic,” he explained.

He said you see lots of townhomes that are gray and white or gray with an accent color, with darker tones in the body of the house.

He said grays and taupes are also big interior colors.

David Mayer, of Decorative David Designs, agrees that grays have taken over.

“Especially the strong grays,” Mayer said.

He said that people are moving towards muted lighter grays and shades in the greige family.

“Amazingly, what is starting to come back is white,” Mayer said. “Like off white.”

He also said that colors are coming back.

“Remember in the ‘80s there was dusty rose?” he asked. “They’re bringing back a lot of versions of that. Like warm pinks and peach tones.”

Mayer also said that teal has become very popular and lots of paint stores are pushing it.

Derick Bolinder, of Derick Bolinder Interiors, said he always knows what colors will be in trend from keeping up with fashion and seeing what is happening on the streets.

“Fashion is always six months ahead of interior design,” Bolinder said. “Seeing what people are wearing on the street is another indication of what’s to come.”

Bolinder said that you can expect to see soothing nature-inspired hues, pastels, organic greens, soft whites, neutrals, metallics, soft grays and warm, nostalgic colors from the 1950s, in the year to come.

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Jerry Polis


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Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels