Fear and arousal are very closely linked. It’s science. Since movies were created, people have brought their dates to them in an effort to get cuddled up with the ones they were with. Now, with so many forms of entertainment focusing on horror, we’re going to spend a few episodes focusing on some of the sexiest monsters in media. Here are our first 5 picks. Join us nightly as we count down to #1!

#25: You can’t talk about HOT villains without talking about the Balrog from Lord of the Rings. Muscles. Smoke. A flaming Whip. Sounds like a kinky hot time to us.

#24: Venom. Big, muscular, and he really wants to be inside you. He can also change the size of various body parts at will.

#23: Lady Dimitrescu. This classy pinup from the video game “Resident Evil: Village” has style, body, class, a 9 and a half foot height, and claws that will put you in your place. Yes, Mistress.

#22: The Iron Bull from “Dragon Age: Inquisition.” The chiseled chin. The eyepatch. The massive, bulging muscles. Add on his leather harness and tattoos and he’s not the only “horny” one in the room.

#21: King Shark. He’s big, burly, and just continues to prove that a dad bod can be hot. He’s probably great at cuddling too, unless he’s in the mood for a post-coitus snack.

Make sure to watch all next week as we continue our countdown of the hottest monsters each episode of Queer News Tonight!

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