Gay Aussie penguins Sphen and Magic are still making “Sphengic” at Sea Life Aquarium in Sydney! A spokesman for the aquarium revealed the famed same-sex Gentoo penguin couple will celebrate the third anniversary of their partnered relationship with a special frozen fish cake. Even on their third anniversary, the flames of love and commitment still burn strong for our cute tuxedoed friends. Sphen and Magic regularly get “stoned” together.

Kiera Ponting, Sea Life’s penguin keeper said, “Magic still regularly collects the most perfect pebble that he can find for Sphen, displaying what a great hunter and partner he can be.”

Penguins can only hatch one egg at a time, so extra eggs are routinely given to empty-nested couples. Sphen and Magic have already hatched two eggs together. The devoted pair, collectively known by their couple name “Sphengic” in the gay penguin fandom universe, became parents to little Lara in 2018 after the aquarium gave them an egg to foster. The two gay lovebirds were attentive parents, always having the largest and cleanest nest among the colony. Sphengic replicated their parental success in 2020 when they hatched young Clancy. No word yet on whether Sphen and Magic will soon have any grandchildren, but Lara tried unsuccessfully last year to hatch an egg with her opposite-sex partner.