Emma Corrin, breakout star of “The Crown” where she wowed audiences as Princess Diana, who also identifies as queer, will take on the role of Lady Constance Chatterly — the well-born woman who risks it all to have an affair with the gamekeeper — in a new adaptation of D.H. Lawrence’s legendarily scandalous novel “Lady Chatterly’s Lover.” This iteration, already in production for Netflix in the UK, is directed by Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre (“The Mustang”) and stars fellow queer actor Ella Hunt (“Anna and the Apocalypse”) as well as Jack O’Connell (“Godless”) and Matthew Duckett (“A Confession”). There have been some pretty racy film versions of this story over the years — the novel more or less established “torrid” as a contemporary genre — but with a woman in the director’s chair we’re hoping for a fresh take on that. Ideally what we’re looking for here is some meaningfully horny and cinematic golden-age feminist television. And we’ll wait until 2022 to get it.