You’ve decided to get a tattoo. You have the perfect design, know where you want to put it and where you want to go get it. Is there anything else you need to know? Yes!

Hotspots! spoke with Miguel Valentin from Inkaddictiontat2 on Wilton Drive to learn about tattoo prep and maintenance.

Is there any special prep you need to do before you get a tattoo?

We suggest getting a good night’s sleep, eating something before your appointment and staying hydrated. We also will not tattoo anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

We also provide a free consultation with an artist prior to your tattoo, where we discuss your tattoo ideas, images, size and placement of your tattoo. On occasion we do walk in tattoos (when available), but we prefer to plan it out, especially with bigger projects!

Are there areas of your body that are better for tattoos, so you get less fading?

So, tattoos’ worst enemy is the sun! The 2-3 weeks after getting tattooed is very important. Any sun exposure during this time will fade the tattoo. After the healing process we recommend the highest sunblock to protect it!! So, to answer the question directly, a part of the body that gets less sun exposure is ideally the best place to get tattooed when it comes to possible fading. 


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How do you take care of your tattoo afterwards and for how long?

We offer a clear, breathable, self-adhesive bandage as our aftercare protocol. This bandage stays on for 24 hours, then is removed. The tattoo is washed then a second bandage is reapplied. That second bandage stays on for 4 more days! This aftercare bandage keeps the tattoo clean, and the body’s own plasma works as a moisturizer to prevent any scabbing. After the 5-day initial period the bandage is removed (in the shower), the tattoo is washed and a non-scented lotion is suggested for the following 5 days. Wash the tattoo (anti-bacterial soap) and apply the lotion once or twice a day!

How often do you need to get your tattoo touched up?

If our instructions are followed, then there should not be a need for any touch ups for years to come! (In the special case of cover up tattoos, we always let our clients know that it will be more than one session!)


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