DAVID HERNANDEZ / Noel Photo Studio

American Idol’s David Hernandez will reveal body and soul this spring with the release of his provocative new EP, “Don’t @ Me”, and its accompanying book of intimate photography, “#NSFW”.    “I definitely don’t hold back on this project,” assures David Hernandez. “I am more sensual and explicit, lyrically and visually, than I’ve ever been before.”  Singles on the EP include “Vices,” about the toxicity he encountered when he first found fame in his twenties and “Don’t @ Me,” chronicling the worldwide shaming he received on American Idol, where he is in his life today.  In “Special,” David sings about trying to reach climax at the same time as his partner.  But it’s in the book of nude photos, shot by Noel Photo Studios, where David fully embraces his newfound freedom of expression.  “If you would have asked me two years ago about releasing a book like this, I would’ve said ‘hell no!,’ he laughs. “But now, I’m fearless. This is who I’ve always been.  I just didn’t give myself permission to be me because I was always told not to.”

David is continuing his nude artistic journey on OnlyFans, releasing beautifully crafted, artistic nude photography to fans.  I’m stoked to share this part of myself, and I hope fans enjoy it too.”

He is excited to shoot music videos in support of the EP and he is pursuing more musical theater as well as TV and film opportunities.

As both the EP and the book will be available by the time you read this, we thought it was a great time to catch up with this issue’s cover model, David Hernandez, for another Hotspots exclusive interview: 

It’s been a few years since we spoke, how have you been?

Even though the world has been through a lot the last couple years, I can’t complain as things have been really good for me. 

What did you do during the quarantine?

I created a lot and released 4 music videos and a few singles. I also learned how to record myself and produce my own music. Since I couldn’t connect with people physically it forced me to learn. It made me more autonomous.

How did your new EP come about?

It started last year around September when I started creating music. However, there was no pressure to produce any music, so I just slowly created it and it flowed out and it turned out to be the EP. I finally finished it about a month ago.

How did you get cast in Naked Boys Singing? 

I got the call from my friend Jai Rodriguez. He was offered the role but couldn’t commit, so he referred me. The producer called me the next day and I immediately said yes. I was excited about doing musical theater again.

Were you nervous about being naked?

I think that naturally most of us are nervous exposing ourselves in public, so there was a little bit of apprehension. However, after the first rehearsal it felt very comfortable. There is nothing sexual about the show and once we are up there singing, we all forget we are naked. It was very liberating for me.

How did the book with intimate photography come about?

I did a photo shoot and for the first time the photographer made me feel comfortable enough to get naked. When I got to see the photos, I was excited because I never saw my body in that way before. Due to being shunned for being gay and a stripper when I was on American Idol, I buried all that stuff, so it was nice to feel good about my body again. After being liberated with the photo shoot and Naked Boys, I wanted to share that side of me with the world. I want the book to be a beautiful coffee table book.

How do people purchase your book?

Go to my website: OfficialDavidHernandez.com, and all the info will be there.

I also produced 100 physical CDs of the EP for sale on my website, signed and personalized for people. I have to admit I miss CD’s so I produced this limited amount for my fans who want it.

How are things with your boyfriend?

This month is our 5-year anniversary, and he is phenomenal. He continues to manage me and has co-directed a lot of my videos and is a consulting producer on the album. Things are going very well!

What are your thoughts on your co-season 7 contestants David Archuletta coming out as Bi-Sexual?

I’m so proud of him that he can be himself, especially growing up in the Mormon community. I think the way he came out was specific to his journey. Although we haven’t really spoken in years (we are both so busy), I am super supportive of him and wish him the best. 

Describe yourself in three words?

Spontaneous, anxious, and loyal.

What do you do for fun?

I make music. I am a nerd, when you give me free time, I am in my room with a Celsius energy drink recording songs. Yesterday I recorded 2 new songs and I don’t even know what they are for.

What does the future hold?

I don’t do new years resolutions or promises to myself, but I really want to be happy. Because nothing else matters if you are not happy.