Jackie Evancho

Vocal phenomenon Jackie Evancho became a worldwide sensation at just 10 years old, when the prodigy dazzled audiences with her stunning debut on NBC’s hit show “America’s Got Talent.” Now 21, Evancho has evolved into an internationally acclaimed artist with a clear creative vision. A multi-platinum singer with over 3 million albums sold in the U.S. alone, she made history as the youngest solo platinum artist and the youngest person to give a solo concert at Lincoln Center.

In her newest album “The Debut,” Evancho performs wildly popular melodies from hit contemporary musicals, including “Hamilton,” blockbuster musical film “The Greatest Showman,” and more of today’s top Broadway smashes, including “Dear Evan Hansen,” “Waitress,” “Once” and “Spring Awakening.” Evancho marks the first recording artist to reimagine these melodies, now hailed as Broadway’s New American Songbook. Infusing the tunes with her perspective as a young artist, Evancho embraces these songs as one of the leading voices of contemporary theater. As these modern Broadway musicals are credited with cultivating a whole new generation of musical theater audiences, this fresh and compelling repertoire will thrill audiences of all ages.

Don’t miss this vocalist of rare caliber, performing the melodies audiences know and love from today’s blockbuster Broadway productions when she comes to The Parker on Tuesday, March 22.

It was a pleasure to sit down with Jackie for this exclusive Hotspots interview.

At what age and how did you begin to sing?

I started singing when I was 8 years old because I saw Phantom in the theater with my mom. I don’t know why and how but it unlocked this thing in me, and I started singing around the house. After that, my mom asked me if I wanted to do local talent competitions and I said yes. After trying for AGT 2 times, the 3rd times was the charm.

You became world known from “Americas Got Talent;” do you remember your life before “AGT”?

My life before was the same as any other kid as I went to public school, except my mom would pull me out of school for competitions.

How was it to be on “AGT for someone so young?

It’s funny, because for me it took me getting older to realize the gravity of being on a show like that.

With O Holy Night EP, you became the best-selling debut artist of 2010, the youngest top-10 debut artist in US history and the youngest solo artist ever to go platinum in the US. You also were the youngest person ever to give a solo concert at Lincoln Center in New York City. Being so young, did you realize how big that was?

My parents told me that I would say it’s cool and then I would go and play with my dogs. All I knew is I loved singing, and I got to do what I loved.

You have traveled all over the world, do you have a favorite city or cities or concert hall(s)?

My favorite city is Tokyo Japan because that entire experience was so magical, and I got to learn how to speak to the audience in Japanese. I also realize that music is the Universal language.

You have recorded so many songs, do you have a favorite(s)?

If I had to choose one it would probably be “Music of the Night” or “All I Ask of You.” Anything form the “Phantom Of the Opera” would obviously be my favorite.

You have sung duets with many famous people, are there any stand outs?

I really loved singing with Tony, Barbara, Patti, and Josh Groban. Honestly, everyone I dueted with was amazing.

You are only 21, what do you do for fun?

I write songs, I write books, I play with my siblings, and hang out with my friends. But most of my fun stuff is creative.

Describe yourself in three words?

Shy, kindhearted and creative.

What does the future hold for you?

For me I really want to continue to write music and record music. I would also love to do my own fashion line, have my own perfume and makeup lines. I want my own empire!

What should the South Florida audience expect from your concert at Parker Playhouse on Tues, March 22?

Well, the show is really fun for me, as it’s very casual and conversational and I basically get to hang out with my fans and sing all their favorite songs. I like to make people laugh, but most of all its just like hanging out in my living room and we all have a great time. 

For more information on Jackie Evancho, go to Jackieevancho.com.

To purchase tickets, which range from $37-$67 for Jackie’s performance at The Parker on Tuesday, March 22, go to BrowardCenter.org.