Some of our long-time readers may remember John Pascale from being on the cover of Hotspots 20 years ago. John has two biological sons, Alex and Luke who both turned out to also be gay. If you want to know more about John and his sons, read on.

Did you plan to have kids?

Believe it or not I was married to a woman for 10 years and we had two boys. Towards the end of the marriage, I realized I was gay and my kids were 1 and 5 at that time.

How is your relationship with your ex-wife?

I am a very lucky man as my relationship with my ex wife has always been amicable.

When did you tell your kids you were gay?

When I came out to my ex-wife I also came out to my kids, so they knew from a very early age.

How is your love life these days?

After I got divorced, I had a couple of boyfriends, but I am with my current partner, Vim Kruger, for 22 years.

How did you meet Vim?

I did a photo short with him and it was love at first sight, and we have been together ever since.

What makes Vim the perfect guy for you?

I would say he is my rock who has always kept me in check. In addition, he knew my kids were my priority and he never stood in the way of that.

How did your boys come out to you?

They came out separately. Alex came out when he was 18 and visiting from college, and Luke also came out at 18 while he was visiting for the summer.

How did you react when the boys came out to you?

With Alex I sort of knew, but with Luke I was totally surprised, but I am very supportive of all of their life choices.

How did their mother react?

She was also incredibly supportive and adores them both. 

Are your sons similar to you?

Alex is a lot like me, and Luke is a bit more conservative, but they are both great kids.

Are the boys dating?

They both have long term boyfriends. Luke just bought a house with his boyfriend and they both want kids, so there is hope for me to be a grandfather.

How did you get on the cover 20 years ago?

I had told Vim I wanted to be on the cover of Hotspots, as he was shooting for them. He surprised me and put me on the cover for my 40th birthday. When he showed me the cover I didn’t believe it was real until I saw it out in town.

What does the future hold for you and the boys?

Alex lives in Hells Kitchen in New York, and Luke and his partner live in Long Island, and I have a close relationship to both of my boys and hope the future only makes us closer.

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