Pop artist Michael Turchin – and his husband, NSYNC’s Lance Bass – welcomed fraternal twins to the world in October 2021, which makes this June a milestone month for the proud papas: Not only are they celebrating Pride, but also their first Father’s Day. In a recent interview, Turchin details his newfound daddyhood, plus how you can pick up his Pride-inspired prints to benefit The Trevor Project.

When did you and Lance know you were ready for kids?

Independently from each other, we both grew up wanting a family, and so when we first started our relationship, the prospect of children was always on the table. We’ve been with each other now for almost 12 years, so a few years back we decided it was finally time to start that journey – and I’m beyond thrilled that we did.

This is your first Father’s Day as parents. How will you celebrate?

It sure is! We’re so excited to finally be able to celebrate this day. I think we’ll probably spend a nice day at home with the kids since it’s really all about them.

It’s Pride Month! What’s a proud papa moment you’ve recently had?

It doesn’t seem like much but our twins finally started sitting up and playing with each other and it’s been such a joy watching them explore each other and their surroundings. It seems like they accomplish something new every week, and every time my heart expands more and more.

What are you most looking forward to as a new dad?

The thing I’m most excited about is celebrating the holidays and experiencing it all again through their eyes. The older you get, holidays seem to lose their magic and so I can’t wait to see their excitement and joy.

What’s been the most unexpected challenge?

I think the biggest – although not very unexpected – challenge is the lack of sleep. I’m still trying to get used to it. Luckily I love my babies more than I love my sleep because it sure is exhausting… in the best way possible.

How do busy parents like yourselves co-parent? What tips do you have for other new LGBTQ+ parents?

My husband and I are usually on the same page so we don’t butt heads too much, but we definitely have our moments. I think the best way to co-parent is to keep the communication flowing and always support one another. We take turns with the kids most days so the other can nap, and we’ve built a great support system of friends and family that can always be there when we need a helping hand – which has been a lifesaver on many occasions.

Do you find time to relax, decompress? What does that look like these days?

As busy as we are with our jobs and kids, we do make a point to take time for ourselves. We’ve taken several staycations in the city where we live so we can get away and recharge without being far from home. Periodic spa days have also been a real treat. The more relaxed and uplifted we feel the better we are as parents, so taking the time whenever you can to help yourself is so important.

Finally, does Lance sing lullabye-bye-byes at night? (Sorry, we had to…)

He does! Both Lance and I always sing around the house to each other, and now with children the singing seems to never end.  

In celebration of Pride Month, pop artist Michael Turchin has partnered exclusively with ArtSugar, the cutting-edge, charity-driven contemporary art retailer offering an assortment of striking framed prints and decor from the most popular global artists on social media. ArtSugar and Turchin have launched ready-to-hang framed art prints of two of his rainbow-themed original artworks. Proceeds from each sale will benefit The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ+ youth.